Saturday, July 30, 2011

Magnetic Cuckoo Clocks giveaway

On 4 August this year, my blog will be 2 years old..So in conjunction with this special occasion, I would like to give away the above magnetic cuckoo clocks to those who could answer these simple questions..

Where have I been in..
2009, 2010 and 2011?

All answers have to be emailed to me before the 1 August 2011.

My email is

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cuckoo clocks

There was a demonstration on the making of cuckoo clocks.

Of all, I like the melodic cuckoo calls.

One could order any of the cuckoo clocks and it would be shipped straight to your home.

I had an eye for this..
but unfortunately it's TOO expensive!

German Pork Knuckles

Drubba was founded around 1955 in the Black Forest- Germany's most popular holiday destination. It started as a shop selling souvenirs and offering boat trips on Lake Titisee. Today they have two hotels and there are several groups which stop over at Drubba for lunch and for souvenir shopping in the region of Regensburg. The clocks available at the Black Forest Clock Center offers a wide selection of cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and here you can also see a 15 minute demonstration of the story of the development of the making of the cuckoo clock. The Cuckoo clocks are made in a place around 6 kilometers away from Titisee known as Hönes cuckoo clocks. They are very famous and they make original black forest clocks. 
We had our lunch at Drubba..

 A platter of pork knuckles, german sausages, french fries and rice was served.

 I had a piece of the pork knuckles.


Then a piece of black forest cake for each and everyone of us.
My favorite..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rhine Falls

I haven't seen such spectacular fall before.. This rhine fall in Switzerland is awesome!

I viewed it from afar but those people took a boat to the small island and viewed it as close as possible.

Simply magnificent..

Switzerland offers more than just the spectacular scenery of the Alps. Nestled between Lake Constance and Basel, lies a hidden treasure that sparkles and glimmers in the sunlight awaiting the arrival of visitors to explore its dazzling beauty and majestic wonders. Located near Schaffhausen, the majestic Rhine River flows into the breathtaking structure of the Rhine Falls, which is the largest waterfall in Europe. With its huge 50 meters in width and reaching a height of 23 meters, a torrential 700m3 of gushing water rushed over the cliff each second offering the visitors a stunning view of the cascading waterfalls.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Swiss watches

We walked around the town of Lucern and I was fascinated by the showcases..






St Moritz

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Down Mt Titlis

Time to get down Mt Titlis..

waiting for the Titlis Rotair

inside the rotair

the world's first revolving serial cable-car

views of the mount

the ice flyer station

next, we took the gondola

amazing views

lastly, the cable car

Finally, I was on the low land near Mt Titlis.

Immediately, I called and elaborated to my girl regarding this awesome place!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ice Flyer Chairlift

Time to the glacier park and the ice flyer station ..

ice flyer station

My niece and I took a ride on the ice flyer chairlift.
An interesting and exciting experience!

To Mount Titlis

To Mount Titlis was the most interesting of all..

got my ticket..


next the gondola

finally the Rotair Titlis

Ascension to Mount Titlis starting at Engelberg is a 4 step journey: first you will ascend to Gerschnialp located at 1,300 meters, then you will change cable car at the second stop called Trübsee (1800 meters) to a bigger gondola. This one will take you up to Stand at 2,450 meters, where you will finally board the Rotair, the rotating gondola. On your trip with the Rotair savour the amazing view over the Titlis Glacier.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lion Monument

We passed by the Old Swiss House and came to this place to watch the lion monument.

Known as a universal symbol of courage and strength, the lion was designed by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorwaldsen and was hewn into the sandstone cliff between 1820 and 1821.

Depicting a dying lion with its paw poised over the shield bearing the fleur-de-lys of the Bourbon king, a broken lance pierces its heart, signifying its loyalty in protecting the shield to its death.


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