Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kelly Tarlton's Antartic Underwater World

Set on the waterfront of Auckland City on Ohaku Bay, just moments from the famous Mission Bay beach, the NEW Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium is one of Auckland's Top Visitor Attractions! 

Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium showcases over 30 live animal exhibits, from over 80 different species in spectacular habitat displays, including the world's largest Antarctic penguin colony exhibit and amazing underwater viewing tunnels.
underwater viewing tunnel

Antarctic penguin colony

jelly fish

star fish

shark's jaw



my Singapore Airlines flight

Goodbye Auckland! Hope to see you again!

The whole month covers my adventurous trip to NZ. I am truly honored that most of you came to visit my blog about NZ. By the way, I have gone through all the comments and here are my top regular commenters. Make sure you didn't miss commenting on a single post.

Congratulations to MeCoy, Mun, SK, Hayley, Sharon, Angeline and TM (no specific order). Will send all of you something from NZ soon.

The Sky Tower, Auckland

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower located on the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets in the Auckland CBD, Auckland City, New Zealand. It is 328 metres (1,076 ft) tall, as measured from ground level to the top of the mast, making it the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to its shape and height, especially when compared to the next tallest structures, it has become an iconic structure in Auckland's skyline.
view from far

a close-up view of the upper section

Views from the observation deck..

The tower also features the 'SkyJump', a 192-metre (630 ft) jump from the observation deck, during which a jumper can reach up to 85 km/h (53 mph). The jump is guide-cable-controlled to prevent jumpers from colliding with the tower in case of wind gusts.

view from below

view from outside the Rendezvous Hotel
where we stayed for a night 
before we flew back.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tamaki Drive, Auckland

When we reached Auckland, it was not that cold anymore.We visited the parklands and gardens and the Tamaki Drive & Waterfront.

I love this tree..still full of maple leaves!

Love the reflection of the sun

simply amazing clouds

impressive rows of trees

Who wouldn't want to find a shady spot?

No more adventure but sightseeing..

Friday, June 28, 2013

Te Puia

Whakarewarewa (reduced version of Te Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao, meaning The gathering place for the war parties of Wahiao, often abbreviated to Whaka by locals) is a geothermal area within Rotorua city in the Taupo Volcanic Zone of New Zealand. This was the site of the Māori fortress of Te Puia, first occupied around 1325, and known as an impenetrable stronghold never taken in battle. Māori have lived here ever since, taking full advantage of the geothermal activity in the valley for heating and cooking.
our entry ticket

unique stone display

amazing craft

our tour guide teaching us to pronounce the long word


we were about to visit the kiwis
no photography was allowed
and we saw the kiwis..

boiling mud pool

hot springs

that's the place where food is cooked

the blue pool

active geyser

the Te Puia hall

the school of arts and crafts

Te Puia is the premier Māori cultural centre in New Zealand - a place of gushing waters, steaming vents, boiling mud pools and spectacular geysers. Our Māori tradition lives on at Te Whakarewarewa, with our guided tours and attractions, our Māori culture, and our National Carving and Weaving Schools of New Zealand.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breakfast at Sudima

The Sudima Hotel Lake Rotorua is Rotorua's largest accommodation provider with 250 guest rooms. As the name suggests, they sit snugly nestled into the shores of Lake Rotorua with many of the rooms overlooking the natural geothermal landscape nearby.

We stayed for a night at the hotel where we watched the Maori Performances.
The next morning we had breakfast before we continued exploring Rotorua..

I enjoyed every breakfast in NZ.

           Te Puia Thermal Valley

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maori Hangi and Concert

The nightly Maori Concert is an event not to be missed. After two warriors perform a formal Powhiri (welcome), you will savour a superb feast – an array of genuine Hangi (traditional Maori) dishes, all cooked underground with geothermal steam. The Hangi feast is complemented by mouth-watering buffet selections of eastern and western cuisine and divine desserts including the very ‘Kiwi’ Pavlova. As you dine, be entertained by Te Roopu Manaia – the high-energy, award-winning Maori Culture group. Be thrilled by the Haka, see the skillful Poi dances, enjoy traditional and contemporary Maori songs and hear the rich tapestry of Maori legends in this 2 hour-plus event. You’ll even have the opportunity to perform Maori dances and songs with the group.

welcome by the Maori

a buffet
food posted at Scrumptious blog

mc for the show

welcoming dance and lastly the nose to nose
as a respect

being entertained

Last but not least, some of us joined in the fun.

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