Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Fun is over

Well, Christmas fun is over. The Christmas Songs contest is over and the winners have been announced. My boy won the consolation prize. I had submitted his playing of the saxophone with the song 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' on his behalf.

And I had wrapped the prizes ready. My boy was the first one to receive the prize.

I also have another surprise. Those Christmas Tree postings at Chang Jiang get to recieve New Year gifts from Chang Jiang. 

Visit Chang Jiang if you want to know who are the winners.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy New Year 2014 eve..Enjoy yourself to the fullest today as you won't be able to experience 2013 again after today! Have fun!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My housekeeping schedule

I decided to keep my house free of mess before the Chinese New Year. I have been very busy and I couldn't find the time to do housekeeping. But I have to find ways. Since my boy has finished his SPM, he is helping at the shop so I can do my housekeeping after my preparation for the lunch. That means I go to the shop a little bit later than usual. At times, I really need to skip working in the day time.

Sun 29 Dec 13: I took 2 hours to clear my kitchen area of unwanted stuff.
Sat 28 Dec 13: 45 minutes to upkeep my girl's room
Wed 18 Dec 13: half an hour to clear the mess in the living room
Wed 18 dec 13: Almost 4 hours to really clean up this computer room
Sat 14 Dec 13: two and a half hours to really keep my room clean
Thurs 12 Dec 13: 2 whole hours to clear up the mess in the living hall
Fri 27 Dec 13: 45 minutes to clear my boy's room of dirt/dust.

Almost done up the whole house but I still have loads to do. I still have to throw lots of stuff especially those books and clothes. I need to clear up those cupboards..

When I have the mood, I will keep on doing housekeeping. Otherwise, I will just close an eye. :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Beatles

I'm sure some of us have heard this song before which was once very popular..
We reached Liverpool and we headed to the Cavern Club which was the place where the Beatles played for the very first time.

 My girl was not keen so we didn't go in for the exhibition about the Beatles.
 cute taxi promoting the Beatles
 We just took a walk into the building to have a look.
Nothing to report here.

We stayed at Hotel Ibis which was just located within a walking distance.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

To Lake district at Keswick

24 Nov 13:
We were on our way to Liverpool but we made our lunch stop at the Lake District in Keswick, Scotland. We had to walk quite a distance to the lake. I especially like the murals leading to the lake.

We got to the lake and we saw lots of ducks and birds all over the lake.
haha..these two ducks were so cute!

another side of the mural wall.
What do you see?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Fried Spaghetti

I love spaghetti but I always cooked them with the tomato sauce. This time I didn't use the sauce. Instead I fried the spaghetti. 

I simply boiled the spaghetti till soft. Set aside. At the same time, fried eggs, minced meat, prawns and bean sprouts with garlic. Then poured the spaghetti over them and stir-fried for a short while while adding black soya and light soya sauce. Lastly, garnished the bowl of spaghetti with tomato and lettuce.

Ok, how many people tasted my fried spaghetti for the first time?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Christmas Day

I decided to visit my friends in the morning instead of late evening. It was indeed a surprise for them. I reached my friend's residential area but I forgot the house number. So I called and in a short while I was at the gate. So I was welcomed with open arms. I just couldn't resist the scrumptious food for breakfast.

I tried all of them except mutton and the whitish gravy.
home-baked cookies for me to savor at home
a shot with my best friends' family

I had spent too much time that I quickly excused myself to visit my favorite customers. They have become my good friends.
lovely couple. 
Mrs Moorthy was my eldest girl's tuition teacher.

They invited me for dinner but I had to decline as the boss would be attending a dinner. I went back home to give my dog, Teddy a Christmas bath as I missed bathing him last Sunday. Then I quickly went to work. It was already 1pm.

as promised, my staff had gone out to buy two boxes of Domino's pizzas
Only four of us shared on the expenses.
I just ate a small piece.
It could be considered my lunch.

What's waiting for me at Chang Jiang?


At 4pm, I was hungry as usual. But I decided not to go back home for dinner. I quickly grabbed a muffin. A while later, the boss wanted to buy this. I couldn't say 'No'..
I enjoyed it and I was not hungry at all till we closed shop. The boss was going to attend a dinner so he bought a packet of claypot rice for me. But I was too busy and hardly find time to eat. I took home and just savored half of it.

Business was as usual but what was the most saleable item during Christmas?

Happy Boxing day!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

25 Nov 13: Yes, that's a month ago in UK!

I love the reindeer the most!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


We passed by the Scottish highlands and soon we reached Inverness. We chose to join a Loch Ness cruise. 

just a moderate size ferry
not much to see but I like this view
even the water was not clear
we spotted a castle
and it was definitely very cold..
I like to observe the water..
looking for Nessy..
would love to touch them

Overall, it's a relaxing cruise and it's comfortable with the proper
winter clothing.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas @ Jusco

My boy had a performance at Jusco this afternoon where he called it "Flash Mob Christmas". I was curious of how it was like. So we went together at 2pm. We reached Jusco at about 2.30pm and we had ample time to idle away.

Soon the performance started at 3.15pm. It was scheduled at 3pm. The opening started with the instruments playing from all corners. They then walked up to the stage still playing the christmas tune. It was sort of awesomeness.

 the participants
 my boy with his saxophone
Then all the singers gathered at the stage to sing the christmas songs.

It was just a matter of 15 minutes presentation. So we went for a movie:
'Walking with the dinosaur'. It was a very entertaining movie.

I also did a bit of shopping for myself before we headed home.

I liked the idea of colorful glutinous rice balls with gula melaka. So without hesitation I went about it and did these:

Believe me, my girl refused to eat them as they were too colorful. My boy just tried one and the boss tried one too. The rest were all mine! Yummy!

Happy Winter Solstice

My mum usually made the glutinous rice balls for us. I had seen her make them but I never learned from her. Yesterday I decided to try making them as my mum was not at home with us. She's back at our home town.

I gave her a call yesterday afternoon. She gave me all the instructions to be followed. 

Got ready the glutinous rice flour. I have some castor sugar at home.
I only used about one third of the small packet of glutinous rice flour.
Firstly, I mixed a tablespoon of castor sugar with the flour.
Then I gradually poured some warm water onto the flour as I kneaded it.
Mixed some fresh pandan juice with the dough
It still looked white. Not enough pandan juice.
I quickly rolled the dough into small balls.
Poured them into hot water and let it boiled.
Cooked balls then floated on the surface of the water
Sieved them out and..
put them into the cold water.
When they were cooled down, I strained them up and put into a cup. 
Then I added the rock sugar syrup.

They were up to my taste.
Not too sweet and the balls were chewy too.

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