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Price comparison

Bought the pink bag from Singapore at $50 in Dec 2010 and the other at RM1K+ from KL in Feb 2011. So they are more than 3 years old.

I used them practically for dinners.

about the same size
the pink one has already deteriorated
Yesterday I had to attend a dinner and I was carrying the pink one. Just before I left the house, I spotted the condition. Oh luckily I didn't take it out. Otherwise, I would be so embarrassed should anyone pointed it out to me at the dinner. Thank God!

Leaving the company

Lim was with us and he left us for a month to work in KL. He came back as he was not used to the work stress in KL. He was offered a better salary. Since Jan 2013 he was working hard but he was not smart enough according to the boss. Finally he gave up and yesterday was his final day in Chang Jiang. His dad asked him to go back to his shop to work instead. 
I bought him a cake. and I gave him his salary too.
The boss gave him a Seiko watch and I got a 10sen coin from him. It's a gift being sold!
Happy resigning, Lim! Hope his dad has more patience than the boss here.

ChangJiang 2nd anniversary

Without realising it, ChangJiang facebook page is already two years. I have managed it all on my own and I would say I love doing what I'm doing.
I organised all kinds of activities:
Currently, I organised Labour day Lucky Draw which is to be held on the 30 April at 4pm. Customers who purchase products totaling RM150 and above are enttitled to the lucky draw. I have already wrapped a hamper and the boss asked me: Only one?

I replied: Yes provided you give me green light to wrap more..
My next activity after the lucky draw would be Mother's day activity:  "Starting 5 May - 10 May, at 1pm - 4pm, shop at Chang Jiang with your mum and you will receive a gift for your mum."
But it might be a little challenging for my customers as they would be needed to express their gratitude before giving the gift to their mum. 
or I might video them saying "I love you" to their mum.

Harvest Pure

Recently I used Harvest Pure Fruit and vegetable wash for soaking  my vegetables and fruits. It's so effective as the skin of the fruits is totally cleansed.

I am organising a fruit party next month and each participant will bring a kind of fruit. Those fruits with skin that can be eaten will be soaked with the Harvest Pure solution and rinsed well before we eat them.
I am trying out this product. It uses the power of melaleuca oil and other natural ingredients in helping safely and naturally to remove waxes, debris and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Ingredient: water, alcohol, natural lime oil essense and melaleuca oil.
More info at

Easter eggs

This morning I carried out the activity as planned. Participants came in and they took part. Once they had finished, I took pictures of them and gave them gifts. You can hop over to Chang Jiangand have a look at those kids. 

At 4pm I had a body massage at YN Therapy. It was a 2 hour 2 in 1 Original Point Therapy Massage.

At 7pm, we had dinner at Italia Mia.

Happy Easter Day!

Btw, which Easter egg was drawn by me?

Easter day activity

I organise an Easter day activity for my customers' kids tomorrow at my shop. Hope to catch some kids at that time, that is from 11am to 12pm.
They are require to color or do whatever they like to egg shells. I have prepared some egg shells but they will have to prepare their own painting or coloring materials.
It will be an interesting activity and we'll see how it works..

When you love

"Nothing is difficult when you love". 
My youngest girl just ate the Baci chocolate from Italy and she read her little note found wrapped together with it.
I related to her: Yes, very true. If you love what you are doing no matter how difficult, it is not difficult anymore. 
She replied: No wonder I find studying difficult because I dislike studying!
So how do you relate to this?

Miu Miu

I heard about this brand when I was touring Europe few years ago but I was not keen. I just bought a LV handbag during my Eastern Europe trip. Bought a Long Champ sling bag when I was in London last year. Recently I bought a Miu Miu clutch/sling bag when I was in Rome. 
My sister and I were just window-shopping and this bag caught my attention. I don't own any clutch so this will be my very first. My sister bought another type which is more expensive. It's not cheap but reasonable.
I'm not sure how much I need to pay my sister as she used her credit card to pay for both bags. Furthermore, there's tax return claim which will be credited to her credit card.  I should know the actual cost by the end of this month.

Blueberry Cheese cake

Blueberry Cheese cake is my girl's favorite. She missed this type of cake which I ordered from my friend. When I went to order it a few days ago, my friend told me that she didn't bake cheese cake anymore. She would just prepare chilled cheese cake. 
But on hearing that my girl really wanted to taste this type of cake, she promised to bake it specially for her. It's with the biscuit base and she gave me 10% discount as usual.  Yesterday was her birthday but she came back from her singing practice way past midnight. Her brother and sister couldn't wait for her. I was the only one who sang the birthday song for her.
Happy birthday and may all your future undertakings be blessed.

Happy Sweet Birthday!

Yesterday I had prepared all those gifts to be sent to my regular commenters. You might be able to guess who they are.
So this morning, I went to the post office to send them before we went for our dim sum for breakfast. It's my eldest girl birthday and she's craving for dim sum.
Here's what we had an hour ago..
All those yummy food plus a pot of chrysanthemum tea.
Guess the bill and the lucky one will get a gift bought from Pisa.
Happy Sweet Birthday, my dearest girl!

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, our favorite movie was being dramatized by students of SMK St Michael. The drama was held for 3 consecutive days. Yesterday was the last day. My youngest girl who is studying in SMK St Michael had bought tickets for my eldest girl and I.
My eldest girl had bought a bouquet of flowers to be given to her former teacher who was also the director of the drama Camelot which was staged 6 years ago. My girl acted as Guinevere then.
We went to the school earlier and so I took some pictures of the school. I had been to this school uncountable times as my children studied here.
The pavilion has a unique statue.
The tickets were sold at RM50 and RM20.  Since we were early, we managed to get the best seat after the last row of the RM50 seat.
Here's the beauty and the beast.
My youngest girl was just the backstage crew.
The president of the St Michaelian old boys presented a bouquet of roses to the director. Looking on was the principal.
Overall, it was an excellent dra…

Elbow crutch

My boy, my girls and I went for a movie, "Captain America" last Sunday evening. It was a nice movie. Finally when it had ended, my eldest girl still wanted to stay put. But I couldn't wait to go back. I walked down the steps. Suddenly I heard a noise from behind. She had missed a step and she couldn't walk. Both my boy and I helped her to the exit of the theater and walked further to the entrance of the building.
My car was parked opposite the building so I had to bring it nearer to the entrance. Luckily it was a quiet night so I just drove the car across the one-way wide road. My boy and my youngest girl helped her to the car. It was not easy though. She's heavy!
It was almost 9pm when we brought her to the sinseh for the herbal wrap. It cost RM15.
She told me to get her an elbow crutch. I searched for it at a few pharmacies and finally I got it on Thursday. For the past few days, I got her cool fever to be put on her ankle. Hope her sprain will heal fast.



Apart from the leaning tower of Pisa, the colosseum is a must-not-be-missed historical building. We could only view from afar. We gathered there to take a group photo. Hope to see it soon.

Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Flavian Dynasty, started construction of the Colosseum in 72 AD. It was completed in 80 AD, the year after Vespasian's death.

The huge amphitheater was built on the site of an artificial lake, part of Nero's huge park in the center of Rome which also included the Golden House (Domus Aurea) and the nearby Colossus statue. This giant statue of Nero gave the building its current name.


What do I like about Florence? It's a city which is full of statues. We got to see all these statues in one place at Piazza Santa Croce, Piazzale Michelangelo, Duomo and Piazza della Signoria.
Dante Statue
Piazza Santa Croce

David is a masterpiece of Renaissancesculpture created between 1501 and 1504, by the Italian artist Michelangelo. It is a 5.17-metre (17.0 ft)marble statue of a standing male nude. The statue represents the Biblical hero David, a favoured subject in the art of Florence.

Of all the statues posted here, which one do you like best?

Leaning Tower of Pisa

We had Chinese meal for lunch at Venice. So it's nothing different. But after the gondola experience, we were taken to a local restaurant. 
We had spaghetti! Very simple yet so scrumptious. 
Before we left Venice, we got to see the Venetian Glass Blowing.
On the third day, we traveled all the way to Pisa. One wouldn't want to miss the leaning tower of Pisa.

Italy is definitely full of statues.
Here's the best place to take a shot of the leaning tower.
But due to the crowd, we didn't get to climb up the tower.
The tower is simply amazing!


When we reached the Milan Malpensa Airport in the morning, we were tranfered to Venice straight away. After our lunch at the local restaurant, we went to the pier.

There, we waited for our private boat at 2pm.
It took about half an hour to reach the other side. We could view the St Mark's Square from the boat. Most of us wanted to experience the gondola which cost us 30 euro each.

It's just like punting in some other countries. It was a good experience.
Next, we went to the St Mark's Square. An interesting place full of people.. and pigeons too..