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ETS delayed last Friday

Last Friday, my girl told me that she would take the 10.45am ets and expected to reach Ipoh by 1pm. So I rushed to the railway station way past 1pm. When I reached there, my girl was no where to be found. When I enquired at the counter, the ticketing officer told me that there was no news from the management. Guess the train must be delayed.
Well, in the morning on that day, my handphone was soaked in water that spilled from my untighten tupperware. It happened because I threw my handphone and the tupperware into my bag that I was carrying to the shop. So you can guess handphone was almost dead. It kept telling me to insert my SIM card.
Because of that, I couldn't communicate with my girl. It seemed that she was calling for an uncountable times.
When I checked in at the counter again at 2pm, I heard that the train would delay for 2 hours. That meant that I had to wait for another hour. During that waiting time, I played with my handphone and tried to read the messages from my …

Royale Palm Villa

We were eager to see how the Royale Palm Villa looked like..It's located almost to the tip of the branch 5.

the side view

the front view

the front door

That's the Royale Villa at the tip of the branch.

the back view

Of course, we didn't get to view the interior. Anyway, I could view it here @


Well, I guess eating is very important. Since we already had lunch outside the resort, we made do with dinner in the resort.
This time, we tried Sepoi-Sepoi which is near the main building of the resort.

The interior looks good.

My plate of fried kueh teow which was very soft.
The big prawn on it was not cooked properly.
So I didn't eat that prawn!
 What a waste.

The wantan noodles which was not so tasty.

The chicken rice which was ok.

Kaya n butter toast which was rather simple.

Pattaya rice which was yummy.

After dinner, we went to see the biggest villa in this resort..

Golden Sea Restaurant

Since eating in at the resort would be costly, we decided to eat out. I was driving casually until I reached a junction. I was not sure of the turning. My girl said to take the left turn. I was driving for quite some time and we didn't seem to go anywhere. We had no choice but just dropped in this place as we were actually looking for food.
so glad to have found a decent Chinese restaurant

Here's the menu..

sizzling plate of tau fu

stir-fried potato leaves

marmite squid

steamed lala

salted egg shrimps
It was a blessing in disguise..
We lost our way but we found great food.. It only cost RM80!
We went back to the resort feeling contented.

Low-tide Beach

Exploring the low-tide beach at Sepang Gold Coast was so much fun.

From the Sunset Garden to the Food Garden and then the Perahu Restaurant, we finally got to the beach. We could see the faraway villas from here..

We walked further down the beach. The sand was so soft and clean.

walked further..

and further..

that's what we spotted

tiny crabs everywhere..

an exceptionally bigger one and it didn't crawl away like the others

my girls were still busy admiring those crabs

it was getting hot so I waited here for them
Finally, we got back to our villa and quickly got ready to hunt for our lunch outside the resort.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day I like to see
Our cook perform her witchery
She turns a pumpkin into pie
As easily as you or I
Can wave a hand or wink an eye
She takes leftover bread or muffin
And changes them to turkey stuffin'
She changes cranberries to sauce
And meats to stews ands stews to broths
And when she mixes gingerbread
It turns into a man instead
With frosting collar 'round his throat
And raisin buttons down his coat
Oh, some like magic made with wands
And some read magic out of books
And some like fairy spells and charms
But I like magic made by cooks

Note: Be thankful in whatever you have right now..

Free Dresses, anyone?

I chanced upon an online boutique and it offers free dresses for bloggers. Of course, it captured my eyes. I quickly sent my blog URL and commented, "That's interesting! I would love to take part!"

The next morning, I received a mail..It says,

"I have taken a look at your blog, it looks great. Yes, you can proceed."

Why wait..I blog about it immediately!

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If so, you are DEFINITELY eligible.

Not difficult, right? Quick, go visit Malaysia Online Boutiques and follow the instructions carefully.  

All the best!

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After you have published your article, contact the store to notify him/her. Then, you can proceed to make an order for ONE of th…

The Food Garden

After exploring the Sunset garden, we came to the Food Garden.

That's the Perahu Restaurant. At that time, it was occupied by a wedding.

See the bride..

We walked past the restaurant and saw this antique mirror just outside it.

After a short while, the wedding reception was dismissed.

I like this decorative items hanging below the roof.
Next, we explored the low-tided beach just near this restaurant.

The Sunset Garden

Since the weather was cool, we decided to explore the Sunset Garden.

the entrance to the garden

winding routes

the palm tree prints

getting deeper and deeper


awesome plants

green environment

From here, we could observe some of the restaurants..

Views from our villa

After our breakfast at Bila-Bila, it was still raining. The others were sound asleep so I took some pictures from our villa..

views of those villas on Branch 2..from our villa's balcony

view of the far left into the Straits of Malacca

our neighboring villa on my left..view from the balcony

front view..on my right

all the villlas were equipped with umbrellas..very handy when it rains

front view..on my left

The card was left on as the others were still sound asleep..
My two girls and I went on to explore the place further..before we went out for our lunch.