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Memorable Sunday

My mum had to go back Taiping as she is going to observe the celebration of the Nine Emperor Gods soon. She wanted to go back by bus but seeing that she had so many things to carry, I offered to send her home. And then I remembered Angeline whom I told that I would let her know should I go Taiping again.
So I quickly messaged her if she would be at home. Luckily she would be free to meet me. When I reached Taiping, I took my mum and girl for lunch as we were real hungry. After lunch, I messaged Angeline if she's at home. But she's already out of her house, so we decided to meet at the Store.
She phoned me and in a short while, she called me from behind. a shot of us
As since it's just a short meet-up, we quickly exchanged gifts. We hugged and said goodbye. Promised to meet up again one fine day..
Angeline's home-boiled bean curd barley (with gingko and white fungus too) delicious.. We finished it at my aunt's place.
two packets of freshly baked kaya puff
Opened a…

Memories of Pedu Lake

We love to stay in a resort for my family holidays. In 2003 we went to Pedu Lake with my mum and sister. My sister had a free apartment stay for a couple of days so we went there for a holiday. 
We were not sure where we were. I was driving all the way and yet we hadn't seen the sign to Pedu lake. Finally we saw a signboard which showed us 6 so I thought it must be about 6km away. As I drove further on the narrow road, we didn't seem to get anywhere. 
I was worried as my car's gas tank was almost empty. Unexpectedly we found a small petrol station. I quickly filled up to the brim. So we went along and finally we reached our destination. It was actually 60km away.
Since we were there, we enjoyed ourselves very much. The kids loved the indoor games..
table tennis..
Our first and very last picture of Pedu Lake.
It seems that Pedu Lake Resort is not functioning anymore..

Runaway Crab

This morning, the boss told me that he bought crabs for me. Offhandedly I said, 'I don't know how to cut it! He said, 'I'll do it!' I asked, 'You want to eat? You are always busy!' 'Yes! he replied. 
He bought 4 crabs and I didn't bother to know where he put it until he called from outside asking me to pour cold water over them. I said alright and I went searching for those crabs. I was thinking that the crabs must be swimming in a pail. 
They were no where to be found. My staff showed me the place and I was surprised to see them in the plastic basket. So I told him to water them.
Later in the evening, the boss wanted to cut them but to his surprise, there were only three! Where is the other one? It must have crawled out from the basket. My worker found it hidden behind one of the boxes nearby.
 Which one was the runaway crab?
At the meantime, the boss had already cut one of them. He was cleaning it under the running water.
nicely cleaned..

So wh…

Robbed at daylight

A salesperson who used to come to our shop was robbed yesterday. He was just coming out from the bank. He had withdrawn quite a lot of money as he needed to pay for his house renovation charges.
Two guys wanted to snatch his plastic bag filled with his newly withdrawn money. He gave a fight but he lost to it. The daylight robbers hit his back with the hockey stick. He was in pain so he lost grip of his plastic bag.
There goes his hard-earned money. Furthermore, he will need more money for his back surgery and treatment.
A lesson learned..
My boss always reminded me to be careful should I go to the bank. No money should be carried using the plastic bags. It should be put inside the pockets. If possible, try not to go banking at the same time. 
Beware! There might be people watching us..

First Car Accident

When I came back this evening, my boy ran to me and told me he had an accident. I thought he hit someone. No, he hit the steel wire rope by the lamp-post. He had actually driven the car around and he wanted to park the car nicely near the wire rope. He was supposed to press the brake. Instead he pressed the accelerator and bang! Look at the dented front..
My boy was worried as he knew his father would surely scold. I myself had scolded him. When I went back to the shop, I didn't tell his father at all until the time when we were dismissed. At the front door, I showed him the photo and told him not to get angry..
He must be angry but I went home quickly. My boy was still waiting for his father's return but till now he's still not back yet.
Well, I'm sure everyone of us had our first experience. I had my first accident when I used my late FIL's car to a school for my STPM. I had finished my art test earlier. So I left the classroom and started the car. I was reversi…

Chee Cheong Fun

My kids and I love chee cheong fun. We don't mind the sesame but not the fried onions. Why? Because my husband said that the sellers usually used the ready ones which can be bought from shops. Those are unhealthy as according to him, they could be wrapped in chemicals that made them crispy. 
So one day, I went to a new chee cheong fun stall  and as usual I asked not to put the fried onions. But the old lady told me that she personally fried her own onions. I didn't have to be worried as she didn't buy those ready ones. 
I was convinced so she put some fried onions together with our chee cheong fun..
chee cheong fun bought with sauce separately
my mum and I love the ccf with curry long beans
but my kids love the ccf with sweet sauce..

Oversea Restaurant

Every Sunday is actually the only family day for us. My husband was out till about 8pm and we quickly went out for our dinner.
 Passed by this corner shop frequently but this was my first shot of it.  I like its colorful lighting at the entrance.

We always eat out on Sundays. Today we had our dinner at the Oversea Restaurant in Ipoh. Mind you, we had to wait for almost an hour for our meal. We ordered chicken, fish, omelet and  sawi.
This wanton noodles was an additional dish.  The presentation was good.  See those seafood! I love them! Yummy!
My mum was treated to a scrumptious meal. Next Sunday she won't be eating with us as  it's time for her to go back to her hometown.
Thanks mum for your stay here! You have been helping us with our house chores.
We appreciate your kindness!


When was the last time I was on Skype? It could be about few months ago. Why? Because my iPad was not with me. I practically hardly used it so it was 'stolen' away from me. I still prefer to use my laptop.
Well, recently, I acquired back my iPad. Yet I still hardly used it until I decided to 'skype' with my girl in UK. I messaged that we should skype last night. She was ever available. I had to create a new account as I had forgotten my former account password.
So last night, I video-called her. She showed me her new place and her housemates. I kept on saying 'hi' to everyone of them. Then it was my turn to show her her favorite pets: Teddy the dog, the two tortoises and the 6 hamsters. She was smiling from ear to ear. She seemed so happy. 
And not forgetting her grandmother too. She just woke up to use the wc and so she talked briefly to my girl.
Finally, I showed her the Swarovski cross pendant with the necklace which I bought from Greece. It will be her gra…

to Kemuning

We had an appointment with the contractor at 3pm in Kemuning. So we had to hurry up our lunch and then went straight to our house. We had got our keys. Plans of renovation had been thought of.
When we reached our house, a car was nicely parked in front of it. We couldn't open our gate. The guard was called and he came to our rescue. The car actually belonged to our opposite neighbor.
We had to wait for some time for the contractor. Soon he came and my husband talked to him.
What about us? We explored the whole house. Later we had to wait and wait for the negotiation to be over.
Finally all agreed and we were on our way back home.
This is an interesting view. We almost reached Ipoh.

to Sunway Pyramid

After the dim sum, we went to the Sunway Pyramid for leisure shopping and then for our lunch before we adjourned to Kemuning Utama.
I like this bridge. What's its name?
flat or condominium?
Sunway South Quay
Sunway Pyramid I was there about two years ago. Time really flies!
ice-skating ring
After a few hours of shopping, we had our lunch at Esquire Kitchen.
Pictures at Scrumptious.

Dim Sum @ Jin Xuan

On Malaysia Day, we went to pick up my girl from KDU.

Then I saw this colorful fencing along the way..

and finally we reached the restaurant for our breakfast.

We were given a number and had to wait for our number to be called..

Finally, we had our scrumptious dim sum..

My mum enjoyed the ribs porridge..Yummy!
and do you know what I liked most?


Before we went to KL last Sunday, I received this box of agar-agar mooncakes from my cousin SIL. She is good in making this type of mooncakes. And she used to give me a box practically every year.
The boss kept in the fridge and I couldn't find it among those drinks. I only found it yesterday and I finished almost three quarter of them. My boy and girl disliked them. My mum had a quarter of each type. My girl just ate a quarter of two types only.
Later my girl in KL asked me to keep for her. Unfortunately, I had finished them all as they had begun to become watery. Thanks SB!
While I was in KL, an acquaintance gave us this special mooncakes from Purple Cane.

all kinds of tea-flavored mooncakes : jasmine, rose, green tea, puer tea
I like green tea the most! Thanks LS!
Happy Mooncake Festival! It's on the 19 September this year. A good day for doing something special!

Sushi Zanmai

We had our dinner at Sushi Zanmai in Paradigm Mall last Sunday. We decided to have a getaway in KL recently. This was my second time in this mall..
 the Paradigm Mall
Since we reached KL late, we decided to have our dinner at Sushi Zanmai.
Since we didn't take lunch on that day, some of us decided to have rice. But I didn't take note of their special names. They were scrumptious as we were rather hungry.

Cute Baby with the Poncho Towel

Some of my customers used to bring along their babies to our shop. And I like to look at them as all babies are super cute. 
A customer brought his grandson and bought some items for his household. I was busy at the time but I asked him to wait as I would like to give the baby the poncho towel.
He waited and when I was free from serving the other customer, I put the towel on the baby's head. He was curious and wondering what was on his head. I like this picture. The baby is so cute!

Instructor That's Me!

Ok, so my boy has got his P license. He was eager to drive straight away to school. Oh no, you can't do that, my boy! Now it's my turn to become your instructor. You have to drive me around.
For the first time, he drove me in my manual Corolla and I was really sitting on the edge of my seat! He started smoothly and when he wanted to take the left road, he just turned and he almost hit the car which was coming very fast on the left.
Next, he just turned right without any signal! I nagged and nagged..
Ok, for the second time, he drove me to town.
We were reaching the main road. Look at him..smiling away!
Ok, be serious! Drive carefully!
When we reached the town, there were so many foreigners at the side of the main road and I was afraid that he might knock people down. So I stopped him and I took over the wheel.
Next when I picked him up, he drove us home. It was smoothly driven and suddenly it poured. Panicked, I asked him to stop by the road side and I took over..
When we alm…