Sunday, September 25, 2016

A new old laptop

I have been neglecting my blog due to my laptop. It has been with me for almost 10 years. It's getting old and very slow. I have been procrastinating too in getting a new one. Recently, my eldest girl suggested that I use her laptop since she's having a macbook from her company.

So happy to be back...

 Have a nice day, everyone....


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Experiences!

Forgotten all about it since I have not been blogging regularly. Today my facebook showed me my memories. 4 years ago I celebrated it. Was actually surprised with what I had done on that day. I actually bought 3 pieces of cakes to celebrate it. Haha... 

Well, it's amazing that I have been doing it since the first day it was created for me. I like to thank Ken for supporting me initially. Then it was up to my own enthusiasm to keep it going.

I like to thank all my blogger friends and readers for supporting me this far.

Will never ever neglect it but I'm sorry that I haven't been doing it enthusiastically like before.

Thanks once more. I shall make more effort to visit all of your blogs. Been neglecting since my time is quite constrain. Anyway, hope to get a better laptop so that I can browse easily. Or else I get a better phone so that I can connect to sites easily.

Wishing everyone best of everything and keep on blogging!

Have a lovely day! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

House repainting

We have been living in our own house since 2000. We bought this double-storey terrace house for just RM150k. The boss paid RM70k while I took a government loan of RM80k, maximum for me at that time. I chose 15 years to settle the loan through salary cut.

It has reached 15 years last year and thus I don't owe anymore. Recently, the boss decided to repaint the whole house. Thus I'm busy trying to clear all those clutters.

Tomorrow is the day. We have chosen some colors instead of the plain white color.

It will cost us about RM9k to beautify the house..

Wonder how long it will take to finish this mission..
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