Sunday, October 4, 2015

My girl's break.

My girl had a week long break from work so she came back home. As a mum, I pampered her with home-cooked food. She had not been eating regular balanced meal during work.

Everyday, I would prepare lunch for her. She loved eating no matter what I cooked. For dinner, she had to share our catered food as I had to work till late.

Friday is always the best day for me. I can go back earlier as it's pasar malam night. So two days ago, I had a date with my girl. She drove me to Parkson and we had Sushi King.
She had her set of dinner whereas I had fried Udon.

Sunday is also my day as I don't need to go to work. Since my girl was home, the boss closed the shop a little earlier and we went for a good lunch.

Chinese lunch and she loved the fried 'suet yi' (dory fish) the most.

She's back to her place and I wonder when will be her next break..

Always love my kids to spend their time at home.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival

A friend of ours, came back for a short holiday from UK. So, we decided to have a grand dinner with her. Some friends from Taiping and KL came to Ipoh for the celebration. 

After the dinner, we went over to a friend's place for lantern lighting. I had brought some lanterns and candles from my shop.

Those were the days we used to play lanterns..

It was a happy occasion for all of us.

Since the lanterns were still in good condition, I kept them for my next gathering with my Chang Jiang customers.

Here, kids played..

Some of the kids were my friend's neighbours. 
They too joined in the fun.

Of course, Mid-Autumn is not auspicious without a moon cake.

With my friends, a friend baked some special mooncakes for all of us.

With my customers, I brought some moon cakes from the shop.

These two occasion were the best since we left childhood.

Happy mid-Autumn to all...

May your life be filled with love and happiness!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My mum

My mum is going to be 80 come November and my eldest brother initiated a birthday dinner for her. He had found a nice restaurant and managed to get my relatives and siblings to join in the celebration.

My brother wanted me to accompany my mum to buy a piece or two cloth so that her blouses could be tailored. So on the 16 August, I drove up to Taiping and took my mum out shopping for cloth. It was not easy. She didn't like any of the cloth displayed. 

I called my friend asking her if she she knew of any other cloth shop. She said that the good shop was closed on Sunday. 

In that case, I might as well look for ready made blouses for her. Climbing up the stairs of the emporium was not so convenient for my mum, so, I made her sit somewhere and wait for me while I went up to the third floor.

Managed to persuade the sales promoter to allow me to take the blouse downstairs for my mum to try it. Mum tried and it was a little tight. So I got a size larger for her. Seeing that the blouse looked good on her, I bought another same blouse but with different color.

Gave the blouses to my mum and she seemed happy about it. Waited for my friend as as I needed her favor to take those blouses for an alteration in length. My mum saw my friend and I had given her the phone number. My friend would call my mum when she's free.

Time flew and I just wanted to check it out with my mum. On 2 September, I finally got my mum on the phone. A few days ago, she didn't seem to be home. Talked to her and asked if my friend had taken her to do the alteration. 

She said no and she continued with her refusal to wear the blouses. Firstly, she didn't like the idea of wearing it from top. Secondly, she didn't like the designs of birds on the fabric. She was so persistent that I gave up. I told her that I would get my friend to take her shopping for material and then send them for tailoring. She agreed.

I called my friend immediately and she was amused. She quickly phoned my  mum and made a date with her. Finally she chose two pieces of cloth and sent them for tailoring too.

Really thankful that my friend did a very great favor for me.

Last Sunday, I went to Taiping and picked my mum back. I took back the two blouses too. Tried on them and they were definitely too large for me. What a waste..provided someone wants to buy over.

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