Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Songs (Instrumental) Challenge

This video shows my boy playing the saxophone last December which I posted at ChangJiang.

Christmas Songs (Instrumental) Challenge:

Play a Christmas song with an instrument.
Post the video at ChangJiang.
Every participant deserves a Christmas gift from ChangJiang.
Closing date: 21 December 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

Historical Malacca

My eldest girl wanted to visit Melaka as she was having her work break. So I just simply goggled for a reasonable hotel, Terra Nova Hotel. It cost RM316 for two nights with a twin-bedded room.

But I had to share my bed with my youngest girl as she wanted to tag along.

On the first day:
Straight to the Jonker Walk.

First thing first: we had to try the chicken rice ball.
Waited in a queue but just for a short while.

Next, we had durian cendol with gula melaka, my favorite.

Then, the nyonya dumpling which was so delicious so much so that we bought some home.

In the evening:
Would you care to queue up for something good? Normally I hate to queue up but this one tempted me. Surprisingly I waited for an hour and finally got to taste the satay celup. But there was nothing to shout about. Anyway, you got to try at least once.

On the second day:
I had the chance to look around as I was not driving.
This mural attracted me.

It's a must-visit historical town of Malacca.

Visited the Eye on Melaka at night.
But we didn't try it as the place was so lonely.

On the third day:
Visited another famous historical place, the A Formosa.
It was ages since the last time I saw it.
Brought back fond memories when I visited it with my 
college mates back then..

 Then we hit the road 
and reached home safely.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Mum

My mum was on a holiday to HK recently with both my brothers. My eldest brother celebrated both his own and my mum's birthday on the day before they left HK. It was two days earlier for my mum.

So six days ago was my mum's actual Chinese birthday and she's 80 years old. Coincidentally my youngest brother was on leave, so he brought my mum to his place in KL. His whole family celebrated her birthday.

my mum with her DIL and grandsons

Earlier on that morning, my SIL prepared misua with two red-eggs for my mum. They even sang birthday songs in Mandarin and Cantonese.

My mum was the happiest person on that day.

Happy Birthday Mum!
Many happy returns of the day!

mum's video

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