Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

Yesterday was a holiday and it's a Sunday. My two girls were back for the weekend. So we decided to pay a visit to their grandma. And since this Sunday is Mother's Day and we won't be able to visit her as all of us are committed with something else, we proposed an early Mother's Day for my mum.

Started our journey from Ipoh at 10.15am. Reached  Taiping after 11am. My mum was already waiting for us as we told her to get ready.

A good shot before we adjourned to BBQ Restaurant in Taiping town.

We had a scrumptious lunch.
Had 5 dishes and it cost us less than RM60.

After lunch, we drove around the Lake Garden and admired its beauty once more. Then we made a visit to my aunty before we headed home.

Happy Mother's Day, mum!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!
Remember to celebrate it with your family this SUNDAY!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


My girl, Jean borrowed RM48K for her Accounting course at KDU. She graduated in June 2014. In Dec 2014, we returned the loan to PTPTN as we were given 20% discount.

So we thought everything was settled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, after 15 months, we received a letter 5 days ago asking us to settle the balance. 

It made me curious. I quickly went online and made a complaint on the same day. We paid as required. How come we were required to pay the balance of 20%? I told them to refer to the announcement made in Dec 2014.

Waited for 4 days and there was not a single reply. I decided to check it out at UTC yesterday. On arriving there, I asked to check the status. The officer-in-charge told me that all had been paid with the given 20% discount. 

I showed him the letter. He simply answered that the letter was outdated. They had just updated their system this month.

Fine. I asked for a printed statement. It showed clearly that we don't owe them a single sen.

Went back home and scrutinized the statement. Seemed they only updated the system after my complaint.

Wondering what would happen if I didn't complain at all. But no way, I surely want a clarification from them..

Thank God all is settled...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

@ Papparich, NU Sentral

When was the first time I met TM and SK? Trying to recall and I found this blog post! It was in Jan 2013. Wow, it has been 3 years since I met SK. 

This was the third time I met TM and Small Kucing. And this was the very first time I met Small Kucing in KL. The other two times, Small Kucing visited me at CJ with Claire.

This time we were at Papparich. Yesterday I took the train and was with my kids the whole day. Today I planned to meet TM and he managed to get SK and Small Kucing along. Thank you all for making this a successful meet-up. I was glad that I proposed to meet and I told TM about my KL visit a month ago..

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet them. I would love to meet the others too...

Cherish our friendship!!

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