Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My pet dog, Hebe

Since my previous two dogs had passed away, only left Teddy which is almost 7 years old. It's high time for us to get a new pet. But we were not seriously thinking about it until recently when a friend approached me.

She insisted that I adopt one of her puppies which were born on the 8 August. I was still hesitant as I knew I would be burdened. But the boss was keen about it.

She then brought the puppy to our shop last Saturday. The little puppy seemed so quiet. I took her home in the evening. Teddy was furious. He barked non-stopped for almost half an hour. He almost bit the puppy's tiny ear. I had to scold Teddy.

My girl bought the milk powder from the pet shop. I gave Hebe the milk and she loved it.

Soon she fell asleep. She's so cute and I told my kids that she slept like a roasted pig. :)

But I supposed she missed her mama as she was crying for the past two nights.

She was active and wanted to come out and play. But I won't be able to play with her as I don't have the time. Only my girl will play with her.

By the way, Teddy has stopped making noise. He must have accepted the new gal.

Happy staying, Hebe..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life without wifi

Last Friday while I was at work in the evening, there was thundering. I feared such loud thundering as I had experienced many times whereby my tv, desktop, modems and phones got struck by lightnings.

Upon the first thunder, I quickly called my girl to pull off the modem wire but I guess I was too late. A loud thunder struck again. I had foreseen the worst.
When I reached home after work at 10pm, my girl shouted that the line was dead. I knew it! But I was alright as I could pay for my maxis mobile internet. I had to pay RM2 daily until today.

I called 100. TM answered and the telephonist told me that he would send my report as soon as possible. Our phone line was dead and was not restored even after a day. I call TM again. This time I was told that my area cable was destructed and time was needed to get them sorted out. I had to give them time till yesterday.

Yet yesterday my phone line was still dead. Impatiently I called TM for the third time. I insisted that the technician to work on the problem speedily. I had to wait for a few days, I was told to be patient.

When I got back home for a break in the evening yesterday, two TM guys appeared at my door. One of them checked my connection items and he found out that my modem wire, the splitter and my phone were gone for good.

Finally all were restored and we are back to wifi. My girl was so relieved as finally she could finish up her assignment.

Thanks TM!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia Day/Birthday Celebration

Initially I had no intention to buy a cake. But since this friend came early to meet me, we walked to the nearby bakery.

Susan is a regular customer and she has become a good friend since she enrolled me to Insaan which deals in sea cucumber jelly and Greenz (fiber). This business is good at my shop.

I got this cake from Gold Vision instead of Family which was my first target. Why? Because the person at Family was so rude. 

Uncle Siva with his wife drove us to the restaurant for our Indian food.

Of course, birthday celebration wouldn't be fun without a cake. Luckily I bought it and we had 5 candles lighted. Birthday song was sung and we forgot to make a wish except uncle Siva.

Uncle Siva's birthday is tomorrow and we gave him the privilege to cut the cake. Then his wife fed him a piece of it. So charming!

Everyone of us had a big plate of rice with varieties of Indian food. Naidu was so happy! I had said something funny that made him laughed. hehe..

Thank you to all my dearest friends for making this celebration a success!

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