Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia Day/Birthday Celebration

Initially I had no intention to buy a cake. But since this friend came early to meet me, we walked to the nearby bakery.

Susan is a regular customer and she has become a good friend since she enrolled me to Insaan which deals in sea cucumber jelly and Greenz (fiber). This business is good at my shop.

I got this cake from Gold Vision instead of Family which was my first target. Why? Because the person at Family was so rude. 

Uncle Siva with his wife drove us to the restaurant for our Indian food.

Of course, birthday celebration wouldn't be fun without a cake. Luckily I bought it and we had 5 candles lighted. Birthday song was sung and we forgot to make a wish except uncle Siva.

Uncle Siva's birthday is tomorrow and we gave him the privilege to cut the cake. Then his wife fed him a piece of it. So charming!

Everyone of us had a big plate of rice with varieties of Indian food. Naidu was so happy! I had said something funny that made him laughed. hehe..

Thank you to all my dearest friends for making this celebration a success!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Lunch get together

Since there are 6 of us sharing the same birthday month ie September, we are going to have fun..Not fun in any sort but lunch!

Since one of us is a vegetarian on Tuesday, we are going to have a vegetarian lunch! Isn't it nice?

And since it's all my sole idea, I am going to treat us all! What a waste for those being invited but couldn't make it!

And also since I had redeemed my Melaleuca loyalty dollars, I'm being very generous to wrap up those redeemed products as gifts to my friends.

I can't wait for tomorrow...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birthday cake

Both my girls bought me a red velvet cake yesterday. The elder one asked me if I would like to have a red velvet cake when I was still in the shop. I told her that my favorite cake is still either chocolate moist or black forest. I didn't know that they had bought a cake for me at that time. 

When I reached home after work, I saw the cake in the fridge. A red velvet one. Well, since it's a gift, I wouldn't mind it.

So I went to take my bath. After that, I was towel-drying my hair. My girl who would be back to KL told me to celebrate it. But I told her that I would only celebrate my birthday on the real day.

Since she wouldn't be around on my birthday, I sliced a piece for her. She was eating it happily.

But before that, she wanted me to pose with the cake. I was not prepared. My hair was still messy and I was in my night gown!

But this morning, I got up early to go to work. She was up early too. She tried to reason with me. Why I wouldn't celebrate my birthday just a few days earlier. I told her that it's only proper to celebrate on the exact day. This time she was not too happy. 

For her sake, I quickly lighted up the candle and took a photo. She sang the birthday song to me. She was thus satisfied! :)

Thank you, my darling!

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