Sunday, October 19, 2014

A getaway to Genting

This getaway was planned about two months ago. I was looking forward to it. And the time was right as the boss had recovered from his surgery of his little finger. 

We arrived First World Hotel yesterday morning by a coach. It was already 10.30am and we were waiting for another friend who was supposed to check-in our room for us.

The hotel lobby..
We waited here for almost 2 hours.

Then we adjourned to the convention centre to have a look.

At the same time, we got our room key, entrance tickets and our lucky draw tickets.
We rested in our room and got ready by 5pm.

At 5.30pm, we met our upline and took a picture with her.

We had a chinese-styled dinner.
The award winning event ended at about 11pm.

The next day, ie today, we went to explore.
We don't see outdoor themed park anymore.
Renovation is being done.

My favorite place..
we took a picture here.

Love this beautiful new hotel.
Lots of great statues inside it.

We got ourselves a membership and slot cards for free.
Tried the slot machines but no luck..
With the membership card, we got a discount of RM2 on food.

Guess how much this plate of nasi lemak cost after the deduction.

We left Genting at 4pm. I reached my place at 7.30pm 
after the coach driver had sent the other passengers back.

Short and sweet getaway!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Food for thought"

Recently many incidents had happened..

On the 2nd September, my boss was robbed as he wanted to do banking at about 4pm. Two masked men came out from a heavily-tinted car and tried to slash him with a parang. Luckily he managed to run but unfortunately he fell while crossing the divider near our shop. As you already knew, his little finger was cut by the parang.

Two weeks later, his cousin's wife was slashed by a guy with a parang after she had closed the shop at night. Her knee was badly hurt.

A boss was robbed of his cash when he wanted to enter the bank in town.

Recently, my friend's cousin's was robbed at parang point just after he parked his car at the porch. Luckily he was not hurt.

So much had happened..

Anyway, my boss is recovering and his little finger has yet to function normally.

In a nutshell, we need to be very careful and be alert of our surroundings. Malaysia is not a safe place anymore. 

Out of the topic, here are food for cravings.

My customer/friend gave me some vegetarian nasi lemak yesterday.
Thanks Uncle Siva.

Today, Sunday, I had to work. I had beakfast in the shop.
When I finished work at 2pm, I went home with Ramli's chicken burger.
I told my girl that I was going to make burgers for our lunch.
She was surprised as I don't normally cook on Sunday.

The boss didn't want any burger as he had taken his lunch after his meeting at the Sundry Association.
He promised to take us out for dinner.

We went to Pasir Pinji. Had steamed fish which I liked, sawi and taufu.
The dinner only cost RM29 which was considered cheap!

Happy day to all!
Take care and always be careful!

Monday, October 6, 2014

A gift for the boss

Well, I mentioned before that I have a friend who deals in Brooks. I got all my shoes from him as he gave me the best price. 

Recently I got this pair of Ghost 7 Brooks shoes from him. He gave me 30% discount. He has been very kind. It's for my boss since our wedding anniversary is just around the corner..

Yesterday was a good excuse to go for a special dinner at Yum Yum with my two kids. Because it's a Sunday!

Happy anniversary to us..

Recently, the boss was being robbed and his little finger was hacked by a parang. He's recovering. And I become a boss again as I work from morn till night. The big boss has to rest..

That explains why I hardly go online. I need to sleep early as I need to get up early to prepare our lunch!

Just waiting patiently for the boss's MC to be expired so that I can go to work later like before..

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