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Salmon my favorite

I usually boil red beans at night. I set it to low for three hours. When I get up in the morning, I just have to add in some rock sugar. Not too sweet though. Both my husband and girl love the soup while I simply love the beans. But it is too much for me. I usually would share with my people at the shop. 
But this time round, I used the beans to mix into the boiled agar-agar.

I poured it into three tupperwares. The first two tupperwares were given to my people. One made roti canai for my husband while the other one's mum cooked porridge and fried bihun for  us. The last tupperware was for my girl and I.
I used to go marketing once or twice in a week. I would buy greens, chicken and fish. I bought a slice of salmon for only RM9. I fried it for myself. I also fried two pieces of other fish for my boy and girl. I didn't keep the salmon for them as they came back home rather late after school.

my lunch.. salmon is best eaten when just newly pan-fried..
I always take my lunch firs…

Yishensu Recipe Book

My shop also sells vegetarian food. Initially, only limited items were sold as we used the ice-cream box to keep them. We sold a lot of vegetarian chicken, mutton and fish. They were in demand especially to the Indians as they are mainly Vegetarians. The salesperson was a nice person. He would come immediately when I called for orders.
But few months ago, the salesperson resigned. The boss of Yishensu personally came to see me. He recommended other vegetarian food but I still couldn't agree to more. But recently, he agreed to loan us a brand new ice box for the vegetarian food. Since then, he has brought many types of vegetarian food to be put in the box. He is very ambitious and seeing that, I like to help him.
Initially, he gave me a few recipe books. I had no choice but to give to a selected few customers. I asked him for more books so that I could give to more customers. I even told him about what I had done. I had posted the photos of the vegetarian food on Chang Jiang's…

Sunday time

Today is the last day for my part-time worker. She is getting married soon. So this afternoon, before the shop closed, I went over to present my gift to her.
my fragile gift
wrapped the box nicely and presented to her
a picture of her with one of my people
Before she went back, I paid her July salary and the boss gave her an Ang Pow for her marriage expenses. We said goodbye..
When I reached home, I bathed my dog, Teddy again for the third time. He likes bathing very much. Later at about 4.30pm, I headed to the Silibin bazaar again. This time I bought..
some kuih-muih

Then we went to Fortune restaurant for our late dinner. We were there for the second time.
our first time to celebrate father's day

Carrot cake

When was the last time I baked my first carrot cake? Oh, it was in Nov 2009. Have a peep at my post, Be my guest. Wow, that's practically more than three and a half years ago. So yesterday night after my work, I baked my second carrot cake specially for my girl who just came back from Perth recently. 
ingredients ready
a whole loaf of baked carrot cake
a slice of it
Here's the recipe which I googled for it. But I omitted the baking powder and baking soda as I used the self-raising flour. I replaced walnut with chopped almond. And I was too lazy to do the frosting. It was also my first time using a cup as my measurement.

Australian gifts

Finally, my second girl came back from Perth, Australia. Before she came back, she went to Sydney whereby my BIL from Newcastle fetched her to his home. My BIL took her all over Newcastle and other places too. She enjoyed food and thus she has put on some weight. 
She bought souvenirs for all of us.. for her dad..
for me.. as she knows that I love accessories..
Thanks my girl..

Chicken Curry

Whenever I yearn for chicken curry, I would usually buy ready-cooked ones. But this morning, I tried to cook on my own. This was the first time I tried cooking chicken curry with the instant curry paste. 
the instant chicken curry paste
the instructions are very simple..
Firstly, I peeled the potatoes and then boiled it till they were soft. Next, I fried the paste with the chicken till aromatic. Then, I added the potatoes and some water. I let it boiled for sometime before I poured low fat milk into it. Lastly, I simmered it for about ten minutes.
the result?
I love it! It's not too spicy and most importantly,  my boy and my girl finished it!

write or speak

Since I got my new phone, I hardly explore it. But recently, I got to use the write or speak mode instead of the keyboard.
It's so easy to word after another..
Speaking is fun too but sometimes words can appear differently  when we don't pronounce them properly.

Our first flight to Singapore

My first time to Singapore was with my best friend by car. My second time was with my husband for our honeymoon by coach. My third time was with my mum and my girl by flight. After that, I had been to Singapore many times.
We took our first flight from Ipoh to Singapore but it made a stop in Melaka for the custom check.  My mum with a picture of our plane, Pelangi.

We stayed at my cousin's place and I arranged a meet-up with a school friend. But we visited places on our own. At that time, my girl was three years old.
She loved the animal show the most.
Until today, she simply loves animals.


This morning, I received a postcard from Sharon. It's a lovely one. I have put it on my computer room's door. Thanks Sharon for this beautiful postcard!
enchanting Singapore

That brought me back to the time when I was in Singapore for the very first time with my best friend. We visited a few places in a day..
We met a wonderful Singaporean man who was willing to take us around.

When we bid goodbye to Mr Lawrence, he promised to pay us a visit in KL. He really came to visit us and we brought him to a KFC outlet.

Pasta Reggia

I don't normally work on Sundays but today I had to go work at 10am-2pm as the boss had to attend a meeting. So before I went to work, I prepared brunch for the three of us. 
ingredients ready
boiled the pasta
scrambled eggs with onions and carrots
Prego Mushroom sauce with minced meat, garlic and tomatoes
olive oil, black pepper and mixed herbs too
my plate of pasta My first time cooking Pasta Reggia. I usually cooked Spaghetti or Angel Hair

At about 4.30pm, I visited the Jalan Silibin Ramadan bazaar again. This time I bought three items. kuih batik RM4.50
kuih limas RM1.50
kuih manis RM1.00


I love pineapples but I'm always too lazy to cut it. My husband likes to buy a pineapple for prayers every two weeks. When it gets over-ripe, I would usually throw it away. Sometimes, I would give it to my workers. If my mum is around, she would cut it and put the pieces in the fridge. She loves pineapple too. But I don't eat as I don't like plain fresh pineapple. I prefer it with sauce as in rojak. 
Recently, I visited Kay's blog about cutting a pineapple. Her method was so easy so this morning I made it a point to cut my pineapple..
here's a big ripe pineapple
cut off the crown and the base
cut it into 4 pieces
peeled the skin away
sliced off the cores too
cut them into pieces
I just stir-fried some of them with garlic, prawns and Maggi chilli sauce.
I practically finished the whole plate with some rice.
The rest of the freshly cut pineapple pieces were given to my worker.

Pineapple fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain that digests food by breaking down…

My happy students

It was in 2002 when I first did my practical in a secondary school. I was in the Methodist Girls School and I was teaching the Form One students English. I taught the medium class and I found that most of them didn't like to do their school homework. Since I was under practical whereby I would be assessed by my lecturer, I always made sure that all of them passed up their work. I elected a leader for each group and she had to count those books and inform me if someone didn't pass up her exercise book.
We trainee teachers were taught to hold a 5 minutes induction whereby we could prepare anything to stir-up the student's interest. We usually started with questions and then slowly led to our main topic. We even had steps by steps presentation of our lessons. Then followed by practice and enrichment/remedial activities.
Those students who were able to follow the lesson would finish up their work and do some enrichment activities like project work or research. The weaker stud…

The Italian Baker vs Gardenia

I don't usually go to work in the morning so I don't get to see the van of the The Italian baker and the Gardenia. But three days ago, I had to start work early as one of my cashiers was on leave. 
So I was surprised to see both vans came at the same time and surprisingly they were on talking terms. I thought Gardenia hates Massimo as much as Massimo hates Gardenia.
The Italian Baker supplies the Massimo bread..
The Gardenia Bakeries supplies Gardenia bread.
The sales merchandisers are rather efficient and  both types of bread acquire good sales in my shop.

Which do you prefer? Massimo or Gardenia?