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Father's Day Contest

At Chang Jiang, I have organised a Father's Day Contest.

1. Post a video about your father.
2. Get as many comments as possible.
3. The most 'unique' comments wins. ('Unique' means only a point for each commenter)
4. Consolation Prizes too.
5. Closing date: 8 June 2014 at 11pm

I have prepared the winning prize and the consolation prize as shown above. Hope to get some participation soon before the closing date.
Everyone is welcome to join the contest. All the best. 

Cycling Challenge

I received a Gintell bike recently from my redemption of my Nestle points. So I better make sure I make full use of it.
Furthermore I had ordered the Access Bar from Melaleuca.

Chocolate Peanut Butter krisp
I will take a bar 15 minutes before I cycle on my bike for three minutes.
It says that it can turn fat into fuel.
Here showing off my bike.
I make sure I record those readings down..
My next event will be on 14 June. My friends will take up this challenge and see how far they can cover in 3 minutes.

Happy Day

It was Teacher's Day last Friday and I just got hold of a friend to celebrate with me. I was a teacher but still considered a teacher.  My friend drove me to Menglembu to have our breakfast.  It was fun catching up with each other.
We had mee Jawa. Yummy..

The next day, Saturday, I managed to get a teacher and a retired teacher to join us for the dim sum breakfast at First Garden. Since the rest was just joining in to celebrate for us, we called it a Happy Day be it Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Father's Day or Children's Day!
The photographer was missing from the album..
 My uni coursemate with her family.
Some of our scrumptious dim sum. There were more as they kept coming in..
This little girl enjoyed the sesame ball the most.

Happy Day to all!
Have fun!

Fruit Party

We decided to hold a fruit party and it had materialised yesterday. My people didn't just bring fruits but they were needed to present them in a decorative way. 
Here was the outcome.
One of my people helped me to prepare nasi lemak which was scrumptious.
Apart from that, my friend came all the way from KL to help me to present the Melalueca products.

We had lucky draw. Everyone won something.
We even had castings of votes for the best fruit presentation.  Guess the winning one. This family was the winner.
All in all, we had fun time and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Mum is the best

I carried out the Mother's Day activity at my husband's shop from Mon 5 May till Sat 10 May. I had an allocated time from 1pm till 4pm. So I just got hold of a few willing ones everyday. All in, I had taken 25 shots. You can view them at ChangJiang facebook page.
This grandmother used to shop with her grand-daughter.
This boy was too shy to kiss his mum in public.
This kind gentleman was ever ready to hug his mum.
This little girl only responded when her mum said, "cium mama".
Last but not least, my mum is here with us for a few days before she goes to KL with my brother.
Happy Mother's Day  to all mothers!
Mommy, I love you
For all that you do.
I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile 'cause I love you
On this Mother's Day.
Music: Trio Sonata in G Major: Vivace.
Hanspeter Tschupp.

MY iPad for the second time

Well, I had an iPad for my birthday in Sept 2012 but I didn't get to use it for long. My boy wanted it so much as he didn't have a good phone. 
He had been using my iPad till just now when he officially announced that it's mine now for good.

My boy has been working at the shop since last December and he has quite a good sum of savings. He got his new phone yesterday and he's definitely happy.

Ok, the iPad case was black in color and I wanted it to be brand new again. I got him to change a new cover for the iPad.
So here's my "NEW" iPad. Glad to have it back.


After Penang, we headed to Taiping to visit my mum and aunty. That night we didn't go anywhere but just stayed at home with my mum.
The next morning, I took my mum to the Taiping General Hospital for her blood test. Instead of waiting, we went to visit the Lake Garden, Bukit Larut and the Sentosa Villa. I wanted to get some information from the Bukit Larut office as I plan to make a trip there one day.
Suddenly I recalled what I had read about the Old House Museum in Angeline's blog. But I forgotten about the location so I messaged Angeline. Soon I found it but it was not opened yet.
So I fetched my mum from the hospital and we went for our lunch. Then we headed over to the Old House museum. Entrance fee was just RM5 each.
Of course there are more pictures at my facebook.
I'm glad that I have the above two antiques with me. The phone belongs to my late FIL while the iron belongs to my late landlady.
I have the sewing machine too which belongs to my late MIL.
I shall treas…

Penang trip

I had a last minute plan. I called home few days ago and my sister happened to be there with my mum. So I asked her if I could visit her as I would love to visit the 3D Interactive Museum in Penang. She actually had an appointment with her friends but because of me wanting to go, she cancelled her appointment and she's free to take me around.
I was so glad and I suggested that I should meet her up at Queensbay Mall. So I got ready for the trip with my eldest girl. Yesterday, we started our journey after I had topped-up my Touch n Go card at the Maybank ATM. The time showed 7.20am. So off I drove all the way till Juru rest house. My brother called me and told me not to park at Queensbay Mall's parking area. He would take me to Giant instead.
Just after 9am, I had reached Queensbay Mall. I gave my brother a call and he told me to wait. Waited about 20minutes. My sister came over to my car while my brother drove my sister's car. We went to buy some buns near Sunshine before …