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My late beloved father

My father passed away very young at the age of 49. I had finished my fifth form. I was already working in Taiping itself.
My father was a very protective one. Most of the time, he wouldn't allow me to go for camps, outings or whatsoever. I had to convince him that those outings were meant to be good. Usually he would give in to my persuasion.
I could see that he loved me as I loved him too. Each night he would give me some coins in return for my willingness to serve him dinner.
I remember very well that he liked to sit on the big table at the corner of our living hall. From there he would watch tv and drink his bottle of guinness stout.
My father worked hard everyday as a lorry driver to support us, seven siblings..Sometimes he came back late. I didn't wait for him but when he reached home, he would call me up to savour a packet of fried kueh teow. I loved him so much. He was so kind and he always liked to tease my mum for not wearing skirts..
An advice from my father: Don…


I went marketing and I saw the salmon fish. I haven't bought any salmon before so I thought why not I buy it. I asked for the price and it's only RM10.30. Grabbed it! It's considered cheap already..
I usually would go for fish should I eat out. Most of the time I would opt for salmon and it's not cheap.
Well, the boss told me to just slightly fry it and it would be nice. So I fried it with less oil. It came out looking yummy. I had three quarter of it for my lunch. A quarter was kept for my girl..



Too bad she didn't like it so I finished up the quarter for dinner..

A girlfriend for Hammie

We have a male hamster, Hammie but he seems lonely. So my girl decided to get a girlfriend for him. We need to get the same family type for him. Finally she found one at Jusco Ipoh. She bought her and put her in the same cage as Hammie. 
Hammie was keen but she, Sammie was proud and always shooed him away. Weeks had passed by and I notice that Sammie is still very aggressive. She would fight to use the wheel as both need to run on it. Sometimes Hammie would sleep on it but Sammie would push him out of it.
Hammie always gave in to her. Even when I gave kuaci to Hammie, Sammie would snatch it away from him. I feel that he is being bullied by her..

 Sammie came and wanted attention too..

My girl has just bought a new cage so that we can put them separately or even use it for their babies should they have one..

Nam Heong

After our walk and jog at the Polo Ground yesterday morning, I had a detour to the old town. I was looking for Nam Heong. Passed by a corner shop but not sure if it was the one. So I parked my car at the other corner and walked to the place. True's Nam Heong.
So the most popular food there is Hakka noodles. We stood for a short while before we got our table. The place is actually very small and it has limited seats too. My girl and I quickly finished our food and gave our place to some other people who were actually waiting for our seats.


Walk and Jog

When I signed up to be a member of the Ipoh Roadrunners Club, I started to run more frequently with my Brooks shoes. I would usually run at the Polo Ground before I hit the gym, the Fitness Junction which is near the Heritage Hotel. I would definitely bring along my Fitness Drink: it's for before, during and after the run and at the gym. I wanted to prove that the Fitness Drink worked for a novice like me. I didn't get tired during and after my exercises. 
But after a year or so, I had to give up. I have to work in my husband's shop and since then I haven't got the time to do that. In fact, I really missed it. 
Yesterday morning, I went to the Polo Ground with my girl..

First, we walked.. then we jogged.. and jogged.. Lastly, I had to walk energy already..


Brooks has been my faithful brand ever since I first got it about 6 years ago. My first pair is still in good condition. I used it for my gym workouts, walks, run and even to places. My second pair was bought but I hardly wore it. It was a little tight so I gave it to my boy. Soon my boy has outgrown it. Now I pass it to my mum. She has worn once when we were in Sabah. She will wear them again when we next go for a holiday. 
Recently, I ordered a new pair of brooks shoes for my girl through the president of the Ipoh Roadrunners Club. He gave me generous discounts. And he also let me take another pair with me which is a little smaller. I'm not sure if my girl can wear the size 6 or the size 5.5. 
Next week when my girl is back, she will try the shoes. If she takes the size 6, then I will take the size 5.5. In that case, I will have another pair of Brooks shoes.

GTS 12 Adrenalin

How I got my Brooks shoes

I was at the International run in Ipoh in July 2006. I was there not to run but to introduce Fitline Fitness Drink to the participants. I gave samplings to those runners and I got their names and contacts too.
After a few days, I started calling them. Too bad most of them were not from Ipoh. But there was one Ipoh guy. He told me to talk to the President of the Ipoh Roadrunners Club. So he gave me his contact.
I called him and talked to him about the Fitness Drink. He asked me to see him at his office. I had got through the first stage. So at the appointed day and time, I was waiting for him outside his office. I was not sure who I was going to meet.
I saw a tall guy walked past and he entered the office. I guess that he must be the one. I called the number and he answered.
As I waited outside his office, I told myself to be confident. So we met..we shook hands and I started showing him the Fitness Drink and telling him about the benefits for his runners.
First and foremost, he had t…


Yesterday morning, I took my mum to the Immigration office in Ipoh to renew her passport as I will take her for a holiday soon.
Accordingly, there must be at least 6 months before our passport expires. But my mum's passport has just got exactly 6 months left as at today. So I had to renew for her. 
It was very fast. I just filled in the form and the next moment my number was called. But I had to wait for an hour before I could collect it.
So I took my mum over to Mydin which is just round the corner. It was opened last week but I was not free to go earlier. We just had a quick window-shopping and before we knew it, an hour had gone.. 

We went back to the Immigration office to collect my mum's passport..

Free Wrapping Service

When I wrap hampers, I usually charge a small amount of service charge. But should customers ask me to wrap presents for them, I don't mind doing it for them free of charge. Provided they provide me with the wrapping papers.
So when a customer wants me to wrap a present for him/her, and I'm not around, he/she will usually wait for me. I wish my cashier could do it on my behalf instead of waiting for me.
This customer was waiting until I came to the shop. Luckily he just waited for a short while. I advised my cashier to learn how to do it. It's not as difficult as they thought..

I hope my cashier could do it next time. 

Orange Uniform

I like the idea of uniform for my staff and part-time workers but it hardly materialized. I could get a few t-shirts from my sales promoters but it's usually not enough for all. So we called it off.
Recently, I was amazed when my boss told me that my friend, Alice came to see me about getting uniform for my people. She left her brochures and samples on my desk.
I started browsing the brochure and after much discussion with my people, we decided to go for red and orange ones. Very soon, the orange ones were done. We started wearing last Thursday. I want them to wear only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
I'm keeping the other days except Sundays for the red ones.

my staff .

Belated Mother's Day

My mum was in Penang last week so I was not able to celebrate Mother's Day with her. Since she told me earlier that she wanted to come over to my place today, I told her that I would pick her up from her place in Taiping. 
 I planned a belated Mother's Day gathering with my friends in Taiping. I suggested that we bring our mum along. It seemed that they were not going to bring their mum. Only I would do that. Never mind, I couldn't leave my mum alone. I told my mum that I would take her for lunch. 
When I reached Taiping at 11am this morning, I asked her to get ready for lunch. When I reached the Flemington Hotel, it was still early. So my mum and I sat down chit-chatting while waiting for my friends. Soon at 12.30pm, they came.. One of my friends even brought a cake along. She gave the privilege for my mum to cut the cake. I was amazed! Thank you, my friend.. 

My mum at the entrance of the restaurant.

We ordered a few dishes.

Last but not least, here's the cake.



Each time I attend a dinner, I realize that the menu is almost the same everywhere. Just the way of presentation is different. But yesterday at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant in Ipoh, it was a little different... 

five seasons dish..why five? I wonder..

herbal chicken soup We finished the soup and I 'tapau' the bones for my two dogs

barbecued chicken with prawn crackers We ate quite a lot but couldn't finish as the others didn't seem to be eating..

crispy fried sweet sour fish "the best dish"

prawns Easy to eat as we didn't need to peel those prawns.

mushroom broccoli No one seemed eager..maybe we were almost full..

wantan noodles Quite a waste as the portion was rather large for us..

dessert "nice sweet temptation"

Overall, I enjoyed the dinner with scrumptious dishes.

Annual Dinner

Last night I attended an annual dinner organised by the Perak Physician Association. My boss is one of the committee members. He has been a member for the past 5 years. It is not an easy post. Once every month he has to attend the meeting which is usually held on Sundays. 
So a month before the annual dinner, he has to get as many participants as possible for the event. One can donate as much as he could afford it. Some donated at least RM1K. My boss donated RM1.5K. The cheapest ticket would be RM80.
Every year, my boss will sponsor us so this year we also got to attend the annual dinner for free.
During the dinner, there were speeches as usual. Entertainment and lucky draws too..

This was a very important event for the boss. A memorable one for us too as we got to gather and had fun chit-chatting. Also the shop closed at 5pm, the earliest once yearly..