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Change of plan

Remember I mentioned before that I had booked a holiday tour to Japan?

Well, few days ago, the sales representative of Wyeth has confirmed the incentive trip to Italy. Since I had already booked Japan, I was not keen. The boss can easily sell off his ticket but only on a discounted fare.
Suddenly, yesterday he asked if I could postpone my Japan trip so that I could join the Italy tour. I asked, "Why don't you go?". He replied, "Nay..not keen"
Ok, so I quickly phoned to my travel agent to postpone my Japan trip to May. When my boy heard about the date, he told me that he wouldn't be around at that time.
I had to consider again. I checked with the travel agent and it seemed that I had only a choice to Hokkaido. I was not keen as I would definitely miss the sakura which is my main aim to visit Japan. So I had to skip Japan again. Hopefully next year I will make it.
Hearing that I was planning to visit elsewhere, my second girl wanted to join me as she will be…

'No Plastic Bag' Day

Every Saturday, we at Chang Jiang practise 'No Plastic Bag' day. It was my idea and I will always make sure that it's being carried out. But we actually only practise it until about 5pm. You will surely ask me why. Let me tell you. I usually go back in the evening and that's when my people at the counter will stop practising it totally.
Actually we provide boxes even though we discourage using plastic bags. Yet sometimes we need to use plastic bags for the elderly or those who demand plastic bags citing that they ride motorcycles/bicycles or walk.

Yesterday was Saturday and it was supposed to be a 'No Plastic Bag' day but mind you, my people didn't carry it out. Usually my boy would take out the boxes and start cutting them for the usage. But yesterday he was in Penang and I didn't go in the morning. When I was there after 12pm, I noticed that they were not using any boxes at all! Of course, I was pissed off. I just simply get those boxes and started c…

A visit to the dentist

I am actually very lazy to visit the dentist. But in this month itself, I had made a few visits. The first time was when I went to see my usual dentist. She told me she wouldn't do stuff like extracting of teeth. Minor chores would be done by her partner. But since the latter was on leave, I had no choice but to visit another new dentist.
Last Thursday, I had visited the new dentist and she had extracted my wisdom tooth. She had advised me to have scaling done on my teeth. The last time I had scaling done was a year ago.

 So this morning, I decided to visit the dentist again. I had waited an hour before I was called in. In fact I was the only one waiting until later another person joined me.
She was attending to the other patient so I started clicking away.  I was waiting patiently for about 5 minutes or so..
The scaling was done in about 20 minutes and I like the way she did. So professional. I had expected it to be expensive. It's RM50.
Next dental check-up in 6 months ti…

Sunflower for her dad

Since our passports were almost near the due date, we went to renew them. With the new passports, we don't need to apply for visas to visit Japan.
So yesterday, my girl renewed her passport and on her way down from the UTC, she passed by the florist's stall. She simply bought a stalk of sunflower for only RM3.
I asked her why she bought the sunflower. She said she wanted to give to her dad. Oh, that's nice! So she was supposed to give to her dad on the same day when he came back for his bath. But she chicken out and she didn't give him.
Today I still encouraged her to give him but she told me that she was scared. In the evening, I called her to give his dad as he was on his way back home. She still hesitated. I told her that it would be fine as his mood was good then.
Later she came to fetch me back from work and I asked her if she had done it. She said yes. But she didn't say anything like, "Thank you dad for your love and full support."
She just said,…

Land of the Rising Sun

The first time I missed Japan was in 2009. At that time I wanted to go with my sister but I couldn't make it as I had to be in the shop. My mum went instead.
The second time, I had wanted to visit Japan in 2012 but it didn't materialise as the agency cancelled the trip. And that's how I ended up with Eastern Europe. I brought my mum along.
This time, I have to make sure it materializes. I signed up for the tour recently and I am bringing my eldest girl with me. My SIL is following me on this trip.
Last time, we had to get visa for entering Japan. But this time, entering Japan doesn't need a visa anymore. It's so much convenient. 
I'm looking forward to visit Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun.


I started my TESL degree in UPSI Tanjong Malim in 2000. I graduated in 2002. During my time in UPSI, I was staying in Bernam Baru and I drove to the university.
Yesterday, I was on my way back from Shah Alam and I purposely dropped by Tanjong Malim. I wanted to meet my coursemate but unfortunately she was teaching in the school. So I made the decision to drive in the UPSI campus.
This place is new to me. I love those handicrafts.
Here's my favorite building. I loved to spend my free time in the library.
What's this? It's a modern-looking building!
I used to love attending lectures in this 'Bangunan Cancelor'. Because all the lectures rooms were air-conditioned. Furthermore, the lecturers' rooms were situated there. I suppose it's still the same inside.
My other course mate was wondering why  I posted so many UPSI's pictures on facebook. He asked, 'Nostalgia ka?'

Would you visit your school/university/college?


Do you like to receive flowers? I love to receive them but it's always sad to see them wither away. Let me see: I received...
- 12 pink roses during my college time from an anonymous but I guess I knew who was that.
- a bouquet of roses for my wedding.
- a bouquet of flowers from my family during my graduation in 2002
- my first bouquet of flowers from my husband on Valentine's day in 2009.
- a bouquet of flowers when I reached home from my recent trip to UK.
on Valentine's Day 2014
Anyway, I still love receiving flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I believe in Valentine's Day even before I got married. Those days, I sent all kinds of cards to my darling. I found his box of treasure and there laid my Valentine's card to him. I wonder why I didn't anything on this special card. Maybe I thought those words were good enough? 
Anyway, I don't send cards anymore. This special card has music: "Where do I begin?"
So here's wishing my darling again:
...all life's  sweetest thing on Valentine's day  and always!
For a day that's simply  Wonderful In every way for you!
Happy Valentine's day

Today's Errands

Last Sunday I had taken a photograph meant for passport renewal. The background has to be white and we need to wear a collar shirt. Today I decided to visit UTC instead of the Jabatan Imigresen near Meru which is further away. 
When I reached there, it was almost 1pm. I just had to wait for a short while. After the payment of RM300 for 5 years span, I was asked to collect it at 2.30pm. Since I had so much time in between, I went to the bank to update my kids' passbook. Since my dental clinic was just nearby, I waited for my dentist at 2.15pm. She came in at 2.30pm and I was given the privilege to go in first. 
I wanted to have my wisdom tooth extracted but the other dentist was on leave. I was told to come back in April. Never mind about that, I quickly went to collect my passport. This new passport has a photo of me in black and white. And I was given 6 months extra as my old passport actually expires in 8 months time.
On my way back, I dropped by another dental clinic near my …

Being honest

The other day I sent my Camri for a car wash but just the exterior. This evening, my girl sent my Corolla for a wash at the same place. She had the car interior being cleaned too. And also water waxed it. All in she paid RM20.
She came back and I saw that the car was shining clean. I just took the car and drove to work. Later in the evening, my husband came back from home after his evening bath. He told me that my girl wanted to go back to the car wash place to scold the car wash guy for stealing her ang pow money. He forbade her from doing so and gave her RM20 to replace the lost.
Later after work, she told me that she was actually waiting for them to finish cleaning the car interior. She was wondering what took them so long. She least expected that they would take the money out from her two ang pows.
She actually saw the any pows were still in her recycling bag. But when she came back home, she was dumbfounded when she realized that the ang pows were empty.
She told me she actually…

A surprise visit

I was at the kitchen as usual preparing for lunch. Suddenly I heard the door bell. Someone must be waiting at the gate. At that moment, I was cutting the 'siew yok'. I quickly kept the meat in the fridge and went hurriedly to see who was that.
It was my friend who purposely came over since  she couldn't make it to my house the other day. Luckily she came at the right time as I just finished steaming those kueh. She just stayed for a short while as she had to  prepare her lunch too before she went to school.
She bought those chocolate moist cakes for me. Love the chocolatey taste!
When she had left my place, I quickly stir-fried up the 'siew yok' with two different kinds of vegetables. Do you know why I did that?


Today a few friends visited me at my place. A few more were supposed to come but they couldn't make it.
These two friends were my customers but they have become my good friends. They used to visit me at Chang Jiang and today they visited me. They came late but better late than never. They brought me some curry puffs. Thank you very much.
This family has also become my friends. They are my regular customers and they are very supportive of Chang Jiang's facebook activities. The mum brought me a box of agar-agar. Thank you very much.

9th CNY

I haven't come back for prayers for quite a number of years. So yesterday I decided to come back Taiping to help my mum and sister with the prayers.

It was quite fun to witness the prayers.

Simple breakfast

I don't usually take breakfast. But this morning I did. Just fried the slice of bread with a beaten egg. Then spread honey on it. Yummy!

As for my boy, I just fried the pieces of fried chicken with an egg. Scrumptious! Happy Morning to everyone!

Car Wash

I hardly send my cars for car wash but today I did it after such a long time. I usually would wash on my own. It's rather troublesome for me to wash my cars as my dog Teddy is always around. He doesn't like the place to be wet.
I was looking around for the perfect car wash place near my area. Suppose to go back to the usual one but it was already occupied. So I hunted for a short while and found another one nearby. I was lucky to be their first client.
I wanted to have a quick car wash and therefore the guy told me to stay in the car. I had already switched off the engine. Definitely I couldn't stay in the car for long. I quickly got out from it when he was still spraying the 'snow'.
Waiting for a short while and it was done. It just cost me RM8. I took out a RM50 and he had no change. So I went to my car and got him a RM10. Yet he had no change. So..never mind, the extra RM2 is as an Ang Pow.
He had cleaned my car and I wanted to go off. But he stopped me and he…

Relaxing day

This morning a friend came very early in the morning at 9am. Actually he wanted to come earlier at 8am but I told him I needed time to get ready.
 He brought me some foodstuff from Kuching.
Next came my staff after my friend had left at about 10.30am. He brought a gift for his boss. I told him to 'GongXi GongXi' He's so cute!
Oh, his gift is so special! The boss surely loves it.  At that time, the boss had already gone out.
Next we went for our lunch and we met my husband's friends.  So they were invited to join us for lunch.
We had yee sang. My second time of lou sang this year.
For dinner, I cooked: So tonight I relax and tomorrow is back to square one...
Happy Working!

Visiting time

Second day of the Lunar Year is always our visiting time. We would drive to Taiping to have a day of visitation.
Yesterday morning, I had prepared our breakfast. simple noodles with minced meat, bean sprouts, fish cakes and lettuce.

When we reached Taiping, we met my mum, siblings  and their families at a restaurant. We started with Yee Sang. Then we had Poon Choy.
When we were done with our lunch, I hurried to meet my friends at Sentosa Villa. Just to say Hello as I had to visit my relatives.
Went to my husband's eldest sister's home. Our nieces and nephew are so cute! Visited another sister of his and then his godmother.

Our last visitation place was my aunt's. I had to picture her with me as I had promised to take a picture with her every year.
My husband's lucky day! He bumped into his old schoolmate!
Before we headed home, we went to my mum's place.  It was filled with visitors who happened to be my uncle and aunt's big families. Such happy atmospher!