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One memorable day

I drove to Taiping at 11am this morning. Reached at about 11.45am. My mum was ready to go out with us. Since I was on the way to town, I decided to turn in to Kg Boyan. I had Yan's address with me. So I thought it wouldn't be difficult for me to find her house and give her a surprise. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. Furthermore, it was raining.
I gave up and we adjourned to the Casual Market for our lunch..
Mum had char siew rice, my girl had fried kueh teow and I had mee rebus.
My mum was all smiles. I didn't hear her cough at all  as she had drank the bird's nest which I boiled at home.
After lunch, I thought I might as well try to find Yvonne's house. I managed to find Taman Saga but I just couldn't locate the Taman Tasek Jaya. Gave up too and we went to the Store. Shopped some t-shirts for my girl and some new clothes for myself.
When we were about to leave, it was raining so heavily. After a while, it stopped. So I made my way back home. I actually…

Ginyi Bird's Nest

My mum has gone back to her hometown in Taiping as she needs to visit her doctor for her regular check-ups. Few days ago, I called her. She told me that she has seen a doctor as she was coughing away. She said that she would be visiting her doctor again next week.
Initially I thought of fetching her back to my place and then follow me to KL. But since she's not well, my girl and I will visit her the morning. I won't be going to work..
My husband asked me to boil bird's nest for her. It's still boiling right now. 
But I'm also getting her this Ginyi bottled bird's nest. Hope that she will recover fast.

Flashback - Christmas gift in Newcastle

Christmas is all about food and exchanging gifts..

My girl got a cute fluffy Santa toy from her uncle. She loves it very much.
I got a photo frame for my SIL's mother.
I bought a pair of cute Christmas ear-rings for my SIL.  She's beaming from ear to ear. :)
I also got a photo frame in the shape of a surf for my handsome nephew.
I bought wine glass markers for my BIL but he posed them as his ear-rings. :)
The markers are used this way so that people don't mix up their drinks.
This special glass ware for the whole family in Newcastle. I also bought a portable lighted Christmas tree for them. Hope they light it every year..
Yea, what did I get? They gave me a fluffy white sheep skin. Love it! Btw, I had a kangaroo skin as my wedding gift from them.

Newcastle Airport

This was the first time for me to be at the Newcastle Airport back in Dec 2004.

We were sending off my nephew to a place for his vacation.. My first nephew is very attached to his mum and  my SIL was almost in tears to leave him.
That was the plane he flew..
By the way, my nephew is now a pilot and  his parents are very proud of him..

Boxing Day in Newcastle

I didn't know about Boxing Day until I was in Australia in 2004. After Christmas Day is Boxing Day. It is another day where families get together. Christmas Day and Boxing Day was all about food.. :)
We spent Boxing Day with my SIL's brother's family. My SIL is a German lady.
It was a hot day and my SIL (my husband's sister) from Malaysia couldn't stand the heat.  That's my BIL (my husband's brother)
The host (my SIL's brother), his daughter and
his daughter-in-law (Chinese lady)
Even the dog wanted to join in the fun. My girl simply loves dogs.
The little boy is the host's grandson.

Christmas Spirit

Yesterday was Christmas Day! It's definitely a very busy day for us..

We started the day with giving out small gifts to small kids..

I started the day with hampers wrapping.  All my previously wrapped hampers were sold out..

I even helped to tie a ribbon for my customers.  Some customers also received small gifts from us.

I was wrapping hampers non stopped with the help from my people. I built the hampers and they helped me to wrap them.. I was indeed thankful for their help..

At 3.30pm, I took time off to visit my best friend and family..

Ready my gifts for them..

Gave the little Christmas ornament to my friend's girl..

She quickly hung it at their Christmas tree.. Santa would be very happy!

I just took some food as my lunch at about 4pm. We chatted away until it was time for me to get back to work.
Then my work load started again till my shop closed!
Just left a few more hampers to be sold tomorrow....  Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas at Graceland

My girl and I were in Newcastle Australia during Christmas time to celebrate Christmas with my BIL, SIL and my two nephews..It was in 2004. Wow, how time flies! It has been eight years since we really first celebrated Christmas.
Well, my brother-in-law took us to a place called Gracelands. It's a big bungalow which was fully decorated for Christmas time. Both my girl and I love it very much. I hope to visit Newcastle again one Christmas time and I would love to visit Graceland again.

Our very first Christmas celebration with my BIL..
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party

I decided that we have a Christmas gathering in the shop today. It's sponsored by Chang Jiang but my people helped to prepare them. 
I also suggested that we have gift exchanging and all of them were so excited about it..I numbered them. There were 12 of them.

gifts ready to be drawn
happy as I wanted them to wear the santa hats
the food that were being prepared
 we had to eat inside the small room
the wanton which arrived later
this Bangladesh worker showed off his drawn gift
I got mine too..
my cute gift..

Decision made

I knew about my girl's status earlier at the end of November..But we were waiting for the letter of confirmation..
Finally it has arrived a few days ago. Initially my girl has decided to go for the National Service but when the letter has reached her, she's in a dilemma..
She's so fickle-minded. One minute she wants to go and another minute she doesn't want to go.
So yesterday morning I had to call Inti to register her. The due day for waiver of RM300 is over and the scholarship for her forecast results might not be given.
Anyway, it's confirmed. She will start her A-level soon. 

She is needed to send the letter of postponement back to the Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara as soon as she start her education..She will need a formal letter certifying that she is attending the course by Inti.

Goodbye our precious Hammie

This special candle is lighted for our precious hamster, Hammie. He passed away yesterday on the so called doomsday...
Yesterday no one has actually played with the hamsters. I was busy in the morning and then went to work. My boy was in school and my girl was in the shop with me after her Undang-Undang test.
We went for our late dinner at 8pm. After that, we went home. My girl would surely play with her hamsters. But for me, I would surely look at Hammie. 
When I looked at him, I realized that he was not moving. He must be dead. My girl touched him and he has already hardened..
I dug a small hole just in front of my house near the flower pots. My girl and I buried him.
Rest in peace, our precious hamster. You have been with us for over a year.
So sad that we didn't manage to say goodbye to you.

Christmas at USS

This is a must-photographed..

the Universal Globe! Paid RM180 per person
We were there from 11am till 7pm on the 8 Dec 12
the Christmas tree
Showtime from the Sesame Street

Happy Winter Solstice!