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CNY 9th day

This year I didn't go back to my mum's place for the prayers to the God of Heaven. Instead I spent my time with my neighbour.

All set up..

Yummy looking roasted pig..

Pomelo and 'ang ku'..

The overall view..
I stayed for about an hour. Ate some food and lastly  my neighbour's husband poured me a glass of Carlsberg.  That's when I was ready to say goodnight.  For courtesy sake, I just drank half glass..cannot take it.

Happy 9th CNY!

Happy Birthday!

I decided yesterday that I wanted to have a birthday gathering for all of us, ie my staff  and my part-time workers. So this morning, I decided to have a simple one..


fried rice

seafood tomyam

sunquick drink

bihun for the tomyam

happy staff

a birthday cake

Happy Birthday to all

Peace be with you


I have been doing this for quite a number of years. I normally put in RM15.90 in an ang pow to be given to my kid who is still studying. In Cantonese, 159 sounds like 'yat mm kau' ie 'don't be playful in studies'.
But this year, I gave more ie RM159.

Put the cash inside a lovely ang pow for my kid to put it under her pillow
for Intelligence..

Thanks Voon

I started work yesterday and I was not home today. Luckily my girl was home. Otherwise, I would have to collect the letter from the post office. I received a letter from Voon. There is a key chain inside it..
The key chain looks very special.  I haven't come across it when I was at Shenzhen last time.

It's a calendar for 50 years..Awesome!
Thank you so much, Voon!

My first new year resolution achieved

My Indian friends and kids came to my place on the first day and I happened to be going out at that time. So I asked them to come again on the third day, ie today. I promised to cook them lunch and the appointed time was 1pm.
This morning, I practically dug out everything from my fridge. There were fish, prawns, chicken, pork and vegetables.
Firstly, I got ready the garlic, onions and ginger. Even cleaned the spring onions and lettuce.

 I prepared the coleslaw by just using the carrots and cabbages.  I mixed them with mayonaise and chilled them in the fridge.  1. coleslaw

Fried egg omelette meant for garnishing.  2. fried omelette

For convenience, I already cooked the rice overnight.  I fried the rice with prawns and chinese sausages and put them back into the rice cooker to keep them warm 3. fried rice

I had soaked the bihun earlier. They were ready to be fried.  I fried them plain with dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and seasoning. 4. fried bihun

Then I proceeded with frying three different t…

Tossing Yee Sang (2)

Tossing Yue Sang (1) - It's all about tossing yue sang and there are 6 steps which are the norm to be followed..
On the first day of the new year, my sister called me that she had booked two tables for tossing yue sang. I agreed to that and she suggested that we tossed the yee sang according to the six steps. I answered, "Why not?"
So on the second day, we went to Flemington Hotel for our lunch. We were required to pour those ingredients on our own. So both my sister and I took charge..
Here's the yee sang..

First I arranged the salmon and pressed the lime onto it..

Then, I poured the pepper/5-spices powder onto it..

Finally, I poured the plum sauce onto it..

The yee sang was ready to be tossed..

Chanted 8 auspicious phrases..

Last but not least, everyone said, "Kong Hei Fatt Choy!"

Nicely tossed and we finished it in no time..
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2012

Received this cake from a supplier. He would present us a cake every year. So nice of him.

It's butter cake with butter icing.

Since the new year is so warm, I made the above soya bean/longan agar-agar.  It's so cool to take them chilled..
Happy Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow is another day.  We will be visiting our relatives.. Gong Xi Gong Xi..

CNY reunion lunch

I started preparing for our reunion lunch at 9am this morning.

 I had my herbal soup ready since last night.. This morning I just added the chicken.

 stewed pork with mushroom and dried oyster..for tonight

 fried cauliflower with prawns and abalone

 simple fried fish for my kids and steamed fish for my husband

 fried chicken with dark soya sauce

Can you guess what is this dish?

Satisfactory..all finished except the dark soya sauce chicken.
What's your reunion dinner menu?
Happy Chinese New Year!
Kong Hei Fatt Choy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2012

Wishing all my readers...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!  恭喜发财!

Thanks SK

I received this lovely unique card from SK..He's such a creative person. I love it..

Thank you so much, SK!

Chinese New Year hampers

As usual, I will be very busy wrapping hampers until the very last day of the Rabbit year..

Hampers bought and given to friends, relatives or families to usher in the Dragon year..

This was the most expensive hamper that I had made a few days ago..a RM400 one. Can you spot the most expensive item in this hamper?