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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

We were supposed to buy some mooncakes for my girl to carry to Hatfield but we didn't manage to get them for her. Now she misses moon cakes and jokingly asks us to send over to her. 
Well, maybe she has to wait till she comes back for good. Otherwise, she can get from there too. But according to my friend in Essex, they are very expensive and normally they would wait for the sale after the festival.
I don't buy any moon cakes. Mostly they are given by my salespeople..
I just cut two of them..

the Royal Fairy.. sounds unique cut it and see the inside.. looks good..

next is.. the Evergreen with single yolk
I was expecting something green.. but it's an ordinary lotus paste with a single yolk.
I have given away two mooncakes to one of my customers.  I might give away the rest too..
I don't quite fancy moon cakes anyway..

Here's wishing:
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Have a wonderful weekend!

To Westfield Stratford City

On the 3rd day in Hatfield, my friend who lives in Essex came all the way to pick me up from the University of Hertfordshire. Earlier in the morning, I was talking to her on Skype and I also got to talk to our two friends back here.
My girl was already in the Lindop Building at 9.30am. I was just staying in the waiting area of the building for only about 10 minutes. Annie drove in the campus and I recognised her car straight away..
So off we went and she used her iphone to navigate us to the Olympic Village.
We were taken all over the place and finally we reached the Westfield Stratford City instead.. I will post about it in my next post..


This month I have posted 29 posts and today is also my 1000th post since I started blogging in August 2009.

In conjunction with this special number, I would like to announce my top four regular commenters:

1. Small Kucing
2. SK
3. Yan
4. Twilight Man


Thank you all for coming by..

Have a nice weekend..

TESCO stuff

Since my girl went to visit TESCO, she bought a few items back..

sweet potatoes..our favorite
milk - her favorite 
non-stick pan for her own usage
sandwiches - for her breakfast
butter - for her daily bread 
eggs - her favorite

She quickly put away all those items and then she had to get back  to the Forum building again for the night activity..

As I had nothing else to do, she suggested that I watched some movies from her pen drive..
I watched two movies and it was already 11pm and I was so sleepy. At that moment, my girl came back and she took over the laptop..
In a moment, I was already sound asleep...

Explore the University Restaurant

On the second day, my girl had to attend the orientation. I was left all alone and I told her not to worry as I would have my own cup of milo with some biscuits. She came back for a short while at noon as she bought some food for me. 

Then she had to go back again. Later she came back in the evening and wanted to take me out for a walk. 
 We met her friend and we went to the forum restaurant..

No one seemed to be around so we walked all over the place..

My girl had other plans as they had to go for a visit to TESCO nearby. So she accompanied me back to the hostel. I had the sandwiches that she bought as dinner.
yummy as I was rather hungry..

A great experience

When we had seen the room, we quickly got ready to get my girl registered. We went to the Learning Resources Centre to settle a few stuff.

Then we went to the Students' Centre to pay the tuition fees. 

All's done. So we went back to Telford Court.  Later my girl went for her games and quiz activities  and I stayed back in her room using her laptop..
But I went to sleep at 9pm UK time.  Malaysian time was 4am already.  No wonder I was so sleepy..

Telford Court

At Telford Court, there are many houses from A - G. Each house has two sides whereby each side has 6 rooms completed with a kitchen, 2 WC and 3 bath. 
The kitchen is on the left and the toilets are on the right. Right in front at the back of the house is my girl's room. The other two rooms are at the same row on the right and left. The other three rooms are at the front of the house.

Take a peep at the kitchen..

Here's the toilet..

and here's my girl's room..
Oh, I missed out the bed which is near the door.. She is provided with a new bedsheet, comforter and a pillow.  Only the bed is reused. Cupboard, table and chairs are provided too. I particularly like the idea of the sink in the room.

First Day in UK

When we reached the Heathrow airport last Tuesday, we were being welcomed..

We proceeded to the university and then hopped in the UNO bus..
The UNO bus which operates to and fro the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield.

Some views of the College Campus of the university..
the main reception

Hutton Building the students' union

We reached the Telford Court where the undergraduates are staying..
Day 1:  I followed my girl to settle some stuff and finally I did my most important duty ie paid the tuition fees in full. Got a rebate of 500 pounds but the interest being charged on my credit card was 1.5%.