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Ready to embrace GST

Finally the 3 new Casio cash register machines arrived. They are meant for GST which is going to be implemented in April 1. We had registered for GST last year and were not sure of which cash register machines to purchase. But recently the boss with his Accountant had searched for a practical cash register machine to be utilised. 
They had decided on using the simplest one whereby no computer software is needed.
So here comes the new cash register machines. They are so easy to use. At the moment, we try to get acquainted to the groups of items that are either taxable or non-taxable.
GST format will only be started on 1 April. The yellow section is meant for non-taxable items.
View of the middle cash register machine.
Glad everything went well today with the new machine. The next hurdle will be on 1 April.

Ang Pow lantern

Recently I received a whole box of ang pow from the boss's best friend. Since the robbery incident last September, he has been helping the boss with banking. He's such a kind and generous man. 
He told us to give to our customers. I took some and sent to my blogger friends too. 
Recently I visited Merryn's blog and I learned this simple way of making the lantern. Just need 12 any pows for each lantern. Fold the edges and then staple them.
This is the inside view.
Completely done.
Here I display the lanterns near my basket hampers. My customers wants to learn and I'm always happy to teach them.

Thanks SK

Received the above cd and the CNY card from SK.
Thank you very much SK! Really appreciate your time and effort!
When I received SK's email asking me to list down my favorite songs, I was thinking of the coming CNY.  So I had wanted him to compile a set of CNY songs for me. But guess I must follow the rules and regulations. And seeing that I'm Chinese illiterate, I gave up the idea.
On that very night, I was watching the tribute to Elvis Presley with my boss. Elvis was singing the song 'My Way'. It's indeed a beautiful song and the boss said he wanted to buy Elvis's cd with this song.
It gave me an idea. Without hesitation, I went about hunting for songs that my boss likes. 
I'm going to give this personalised cd to my boss. Hope he likes it...

Happy Birthday Jean

We were in KL last weekend and since we wouldn't be able to celebrate Jean's birthday today, we celebrated it last Saturday. She insisted that it was not necessary but I felt that we could do it. 
Yesterday was her first official flight. She had done quite a number of observatory ones last week. 
Make a wish and may it come true.
Happy Birthday, dearest Jean!

Air Stewardess to be

This girl of mine has a mindset of her own. She graduated in Accountancy yet she has passion to be an air stewardess. While she was serving at the British International School as a Finance Officer, she secretly went for an interview for the post of an air stewardess.
According to the interviewer, she was over qualified. She tried very hard to convince him of her passion. Expectedly she was accepted to be trained for about 7 weeks before she could be graduated.
But she had to tell her dad about it. True enough, when she told him about it, he was shocked in disbelief thus sending him into hospitalization because of his rapid heartbeat. He told the doctor about the cause and he was advised to let go.
So 7 weeks had passed and she was graduated being the best trainee for her batch of 15 flight attendants. There were a few more batches.
Two days ago, we attended her graduation. She stood tall with full self confidence.
Selfie with her boss.
Her grandma was proud of her too.

Chinese new year lantern

It's time for me to make some new year lanterns for the upcoming Chinese new year. I have some red packets left from last year so I was making use of them to make the lanterns. I had 48 pieces altogether. Folding them and then stapled the folded sides together.

So definitely the same place got the priviledge.

On the first day of the new year 2015, I had a beautiful surprise. flowersfromtoday My flowers started to bloom. They are blooming beautifully day after day.
Simply love them. Thanks to my friend for giving me this plant.

Happy New Year 2015

It was a quiet new year eve for me. The boss went out with his friends for the count-down but I stayed home after work. 
I even worked on the new year since my two cashiers were on leave. After work at about 6.30pm, I stayed home too. So nothing special for me this year.
But something was in store for me and my Changjiang group people today. I invited them for a new year breakfast.
Here are my best pals since uni time which was about 15 years ago.
Here is my best pal's supportive mum/MIL She followed them to Tanjung Malim and stayed there for two years.
Not forgetting our ex-psychology lecturer in year 1999. Last year I found him in facebook and since then we keep in touch.
Altogether there were 14 of us. We had a great time eating and chatting.
Happy New Year 2015!  Have a wonderful year ahead!