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I had always wanted to visit Japan. This time it's for real. No more postponing as before. But I'm going to miss Sakura which has past its  season. Never mind, I still get to experience Japanese culture. I'm bringing along my eldest girl. She loves Japan. This will be her second trip. My SIL, BIL and their grandson are going along too. We are going to have a fun-filled vacation.


My girl planned another trip for us. We flew Air Asia again. To Singapore we went..Initially, we were indecisive on the place of stay. Finally, we decided on Vintage Inn whereby we shared a room with other occupants but with a curtain drawn. Not a bad idea after all..
When we reached Changi Airport on Tuesday, 19 May, we got ourselves a tourist pass which cost us $30 each but upon returning it, we got back $10 each.
Conveniently, we found our way to Little India and Vintage Inn is situated at the Race Course Street.
After checking in early at 9.30am, we adjourned to Bugis Street where we had our own time till our friend came after work at 1.30pm. He took us to many places such as the Library, Ikea and Giant too. He even took us to his home.
This friend drove us to East Coast to have our dinner before we headed to the Gardens by the Bay.

We got there on time for the Musical tree performance at 8.45pm. Then we decided to call it a day as we were tired since we hardly had any sleep when…

Mother's Day

Actually I had no intention to celebrate Mother's day whatsoever. My mum is staying in Taiping alone and I will call her whenever I feel the need to talk to her. I called her a week ago but she was not at home. I got worried and I kept on calling her. Finally I got her the following day. And she told me my aunty, her sister, was being hospitalized. This aunty is my favorite aunt so I made it a point to visit both my mum and her on Mother's Day.
Last Saturday, I was at the bakery and I saw so many freshly baked cakes. So I quickly grabbed one. It's for my mum.
green tea and lemon sponge cake
I was working on Sunday so I only started my journey back to Taiping at about 3pm. When my girl and I reached her home after 45 minutes, she was already waiting for us. So off we went to Taiping mall and we were attracted to Sushi King.
My mum had this dish..yummy
After enjoying our meals, we headed straight to the Taiping hospital. We went to visit my aunty. According to her son, she …

My best friend's birthday celebration

My best friend's birthday fell on last Sunday ie the 26 April. I had planned earlier to celebrate her birthday together with her mum and daughter whose birthday fell in April too. I had invited our friends to join us for a dinner. Altogether there were 13 of us.
my friend with her mum and youngest daughter
my friend's eldest daughter, mum and hubby with me
All of us had a nice Chinese dinner which was not overrated.