Sunday, April 26, 2015

Air Asia to Langkawi

My girl has been with Air Asia for almost three months. She told me that she's going to take me traveling with Air Asia. Her first holiday was on her own to Penang. This was her second trip. We tagged along. We spent 3 days in Langkawi recently.
My first time at the Langkawi airport. 
My previous two trips were by road and ferry.

Our utmost objective was to ride the skycab but unfortunately, it was their yearly maintenance.
Hope to go again some other time.

Since my two girls hadn't ridden on an elephant before, it was an opportunity for them. 
Just RM80 for a 5 minutes ride.

They got to feed the elephant too.

Next, we wouldn't want to miss ikan bakar.

In Langkawi, it was a great priviledge to watch the sunset.
I always love sunsets.

On our second day, we went for a mangrove tour. 
We bought the ticket at the airport so it was so much cheaper.
It was indeed an interesting experience.

This place is Durian Perangin. We hiked up to the very top to watch the waterfall. 
I had been there before so I thought it would be great for my girls to have a look.

The water is simply clear and clean..

We had been to many other places like the Makam Mahsuri etc..
but the Eagle Square rounded up the langkawi trip.

We flew back with happy memories.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Go away flea

My two dogs was suffering from itchiness for quite some time but I was too busy to even bother about them. But it became unbearable for them. So I made it a point to visit the pet shop nearby my place. I had wanted to get the collar for them. Fortunately, the shop owner discouraged me from getting it. Instead, she recommended me to get something to kill those fleas.

She talked about ways to do it. Some was rather troublesome. I wanted something simple yet effective. She showed me this bottle of spray. It was expensive for a small bottle. Anyway, I bought it.

Upon reaching my home in the evening, I started spraying the liquid onto my dogs' body. Luckily the spray was not smelly. When I came back from work at night, I had with me a can of Baygon to spray on the walls. Some fleas were already crawling on the walls.

I used up almost half the bottle as I sprayed them again at night.

The next morning, the boss wanted to get to work and he called out to me as I was in the kitchen. He was at the compound and he could see lots of fleas on the floor. I told him not to step on them as it will help to disperse those little crawling fleas inside the big fleas.

What I did was I swept all of them and poured them into the small plastic bucket half-filled with water.

So I collected those dead fleas which dropped off from Teddy's body. Soon I estimated them to be about a hundred. This morning, I had poured them away into the big drain under the road near my house.

It has been five days and I guess my two dogs have some peace of mind. They should be happy that they are almost free from those fleas. My girl is going to bathe them this weekend. If they are really free from those irritating fleas, I'm going to get them the collar to prevent fleas from coming back to attack them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chicken Pox

On the 30 March, my boy wrote: Feeling sick. Slight fever since yesterday  afternoon. I told him to take panadol, drink more water and rest.

On the 31 March, he sent this picture and asked if he's having chicken pox. I told him to see a doctor and he was told that he had contracted a viral disease. He was given a MC of 4 days.

On the 1 April, he sent this picture and asked if it's chicken pox. They looked like chicken pox to me.

On the 2 April, he had the pox all over his face.
His dad saw this picture and immediately asked him to come back.

I took a picture of his back and front too.

Applied calamine lotion for him.

I took care of him. Let him drink the 'Sai Kok' drinks. On the 3 April, his medical leave was almost over, I took him to see a doctor after I had finished my work. I had to see the doctor on his behalf and he was given another round of MC.

On 5 April, he was all smiles. His fever had finally subsided. Now already 12 April. It has been 2 weeks. Luckily he has a semester break next week. So he can rest more.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GST (4)

Those were the days when I usually gave a discount of 5 sen or 10 sen. 

Since the implementation of GST, I try not to do that anymore. Because we need to pay the GST to the government.

I realized that I used to encounter receipts with amount such as this..

 5 sen extra. Last time I ignored it but this time I have to acknowledge it.

 I also realized that suddenly there are so many products which have 5 sen price tag after GST inclusive 
such as RM0.85 for a bun.

We didn't use so many 5 sen before. Now we need lots of 5 sen. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

GST (3)

We started our business on the second day of April. We were expecting to see less customers but to our surprise, customers came shopping as they were curious about GST. They asked for the receipt this time. Previously, they wouldn't bother any receipts..

As you can see, we have our GST registration number. If we were not registered, we wouldn't be able to charge the 6% GST. Also we wouldn't be able to apply for a tax refund from the Custom when the suppliers charged us GST.

Let's take a look at the receipt..

S stands for Standard-Rated products which the prices are inclusive of the 6% GST.
Z stands for Zero-Rated products which is 0% taxable.

You can see clearly the amount which is 6% taxable.

My cashiers are already well-versed about the concept of GST. Thus they are able to explain to customers who are unable to comprehend the system.

Well done, my people..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

GST (2)

We were ready for GST until the very last day of March. My cash register vendor came to give us a surprise. We couldn't use the excluded price of products for the GST as supposedly permitted in the first place. He had to reset the system to cater for GST with inclusive price.

Because of that, we couldn't do business for today. We closed the shop and worked within to change the price tag to include the GST.

My people still needed to refer the GST product list.

They worked together to change the price tag.

Some sales promoters even came to help.

It took us the whole day to almost get it done. Business can be carried out starting tomorrow. Hope everything goes on smoothly..

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