Air Asia to Langkawi

My girl has been with Air Asia for almost three months. She told me that she's going to take me traveling with Air Asia. Her first holiday was on her own to Penang. This was her second trip. We tagged along. We spent 3 days in Langkawi recently.
My first time at the Langkawi airport. 
My previous two trips were by road and ferry.

Our utmost objective was to ride the skycab but unfortunately, it was their yearly maintenance.
Hope to go again some other time.

Since my two girls hadn't ridden on an elephant before, it was an opportunity for them. 
Just RM80 for a 5 minutes ride.

They got to feed the elephant too.

Next, we wouldn't want to miss ikan bakar.

In Langkawi, it was a great priviledge to watch the sunset.
I always love sunsets.

On our second day, we went for a mangrove tour. 
We bought the ticket at the airport so it was so much cheaper.
It was indeed an interesting experience.

This place is Durian Perangin. We hiked up to the very top to watch the waterfall. 
I had been there before so I thought it would be great for my girls to have a look.

The water is simply clear and clean..

We had been to many other places like the Makam Mahsuri etc..
but the Eagle Square rounded up the langkawi trip.

We flew back with happy memories.


  1. That time I was wondering whether I should go Langkawi, Krabi or Phuket, in the end I went Krabi

  2. The ikan looks delicious, your girl looks pretty and she got high forehead, must have blessed life

    1. The ikan bakar was indeed fresh and delicious.

  3. my last trip to Langkawi was more than a decade ago, it has changed a lot I heard.. you went for an elephant ride and mangrove trip, I have not done that but everytime it was island hopping..

    "Just RM80 for a 5 minutes ride" you said..
    "RM80 for just a 5 minutes ride" I would say..


    1. We didn't want island hopping.
      Oh..5 minutes was good enough.
      Mosquitoes were everywhere!

  4. Nice holiday.. I been to Langkawi once only.. I remember their Shandy is more cheap than soya bean..

  5. Your daughter is so nice to bring all of you with her to Langkawi! I have only been there once and hope to go again because Langkawi is beautiful and I want to go on the skycab too.

    What a nice adventure for your daughters to ride on an elephant. Have you been on one?

    1. The ride is only for two person at one go. I haven't ridden on an elephant before.

  6. Oh... How I miss langkawi after my last cruise trip.

  7. I think the last time I went to Langkawi was like 8-9 years ago, that time still dating with my then-bf, haha xD

  8. Glad you had a great time in Langkawi. That ikan bakar looks delicious.

  9. Wonderful trip especially with our kids! The three of you look like sisters, Wenn!

    1. Thanks for the compliment.
      More trips to come with my girl..

  10. Have never been to Langkawi..but heard a lot about it..

  11. I have visited Langkawi only twice like in 1985 and 2011. It was so memorable and happy place for me. I wanna go again.

  12. Oh yes, I should fly AA there since it is easy and saves the trip's time by road and ferry.

  13. Langkawi is always a nice place to just chill and enjoy the sunset. And oh! The food, they're plenty of choices! Would love to go back there again someday in the near future


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