Where is your sincerity?

There is a salesperson who used to come to our shop once in a week. Each time when she comes, she would greet me "Good day Lady Boss" but without looking at me. I would look up but she would look elsewhere.

 Even when she wants to go back, she would tell me but just walk out without waiting for my acknowledgement.

Today, I felt that I needed to voice out. So I commented about her to my cashier. Surprisingly, when it was time for her to go back, she called me and looked at me. I felt it was awkward for me as she didn't do that before.

When she's gone, I asked my cashier if she gossiped to her. She just smiled. See..we couldn't even trust a person we trusted. I told her that next time I wouldn't tell her any more gossips.

Judging from that incident, I knew that salesperson is not doing it sincerely. I would rather she doesn't greet me at all. That I told my cashier to convey to her.

Next time when she comes, I wouldn't want to hear her greetings anymore..Furthermore, I have nothing to deal with her.


  1. Yeah~sometimes....besides our family..we shouldn't really trust anyone. :/

  2. A lot of this kind of people around, so sad...

  3. hmmm, i would have thought maybe that's her style but she didn't mean it actually..

  4. Guess the time she called u and looked at u is act act only...

  5. Many sales persons are like that, just greeting with empty heart whenever visiting their customers. If you order more of their products/services then they offer more smiling...

  6. No wonder you asked 'that' question in your FB status.

  7. maybe your cashier told her what you "gossiped" about her to make her realise her mistake. People do and can change. Sometimes it's better to give them the benefit of doubt.

  8. I would do this,if she is a young sales girl,, i would let her know that it is not nice to do what she does,, but if she is a "old bird" biarlah....saja

  9. Maybe the sales person biasa do like that to everyone already and when your Cashier told her about that, the Sales person realised that she was rude to you hence now trying to make amends.


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