After Penang, we headed to Taiping to visit my mum and aunty. That night we didn't go anywhere but just stayed at home with my mum.

The next morning, I took my mum to the Taiping General Hospital for her blood test. Instead of waiting, we went to visit the Lake Garden, Bukit Larut and the Sentosa Villa. I wanted to get some information from the Bukit Larut office as I plan to make a trip there one day.

Suddenly I recalled what I had read about the Old House Museum in Angeline's blog. But I forgotten about the location so I messaged Angeline. Soon I found it but it was not opened yet.

So I fetched my mum from the hospital and we went for our lunch. Then we headed over to the Old House museum. Entrance fee was just RM5 each.

Of course there are more pictures at my facebook.

I'm glad that I have the above two antiques with me.
The phone belongs to my late FIL while
the iron belongs to my late landlady.

I have the sewing machine too which belongs to my late MIL.

I shall treasure the hands-on antiques.


  1. Wow ... All the nostalgic Stuffs!

  2. The antique iron you have is really worth keeping because I think it will make an interesting conversational piece with the younger generation. Hope your mother's blood test is all ok.

  3. I passed by that museum very often but haven't have a chance to step in, but entrance fee is kinda expensive? I mean nothing much to see.... :p

    1. That phone and iron are really antiques, must keep them well!

  4. My mum has that old sewing machine too. Spoiled but she still keeps it. I never saw her using it at all!

    Remember that old dialing phone. Had it when I were small.

    You must keep your antiques properly. They are priceless!

  5. I've seen that sewing machine before! Grandma used to have one which looks like that, and I remembered using it for my project in Kemahiran Hidup when I was in Std 4 !! haha..

  6. Wenn, glad that you went there. At least you've visited it.

  7. Many local Taiping-nese haven't visited the place also... probably nothing much to see. That day if is not to fill up my time with Calvin, I don;t think I will go there too.. Hahaha.....

  8. Hey after you've posted the photos at your FB account, I noticed we snap almost the same photo - same angle too... So ngam!

  9. Saw it being shown in tv too.

    Hand me down antiqueis ok. But mom would never buy antiques coz said some times spirit of previous owner attached to it

  10. I love antiques too esp porcelain wares! I have lots of them until I can open a shop. Wakakaka

    I even have a blog about them but never told anyone yet I got unknown readers dropping by.

  11. yeah, it's great to see all those antiques and especially those that we have used before!! i just love old-school telephone with the ring dials, they are just beautiful.. and the charcoal iron, we had one at home last time but i think it has been thrown away when we moved.. and yes, please keep all those you have with you, they are precious and can be so valuable and priceless one day :)

  12. What a nice place to visit.

    Good thing ANgeline helped you. :)

  13. Oldies are goldies! Good that you have a few of them. :D

  14. We used to use that antique phone but it was taken away by the Telekom when we shifted to a new place as we got a new phone replaced. What a waste !

  15. I still have such an antique sewing machine in my house haha!

  16. My house has the exact same sewing machine, it's been so long already, I think is even I was born lo!!!


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