Mother's Day

Actually I had no intention to celebrate Mother's day whatsoever. My mum is staying in Taiping alone and I will call her whenever I feel the need to talk to her. I called her a week ago but she was not at home. I got worried and I kept on calling her. Finally I got her the following day. And she told me my aunty, her sister, was being hospitalized. This aunty is my favorite aunt so I made it a point to visit both my mum and her on Mother's Day.

Last Saturday, I was at the bakery and I saw so many freshly baked cakes. So I quickly grabbed one. It's for my mum.

green tea and lemon sponge cake

I was working on Sunday so I only started my journey back to Taiping at about 3pm.
When my girl and I reached her home after 45 minutes, she was already waiting for us. So off we went to Taiping mall and we were attracted to Sushi King.

My mum had this dish..yummy

After enjoying our meals, we headed straight to the Taiping hospital. We went to visit my aunty. According to her son, she has fluid in her lungs and she had difficulty in breathing. Yesterday, she looked fine to me. She was chatting happily to me and she told me that she almost died the night before. I told her to rest well in the hospital.

Before we headed back to my mum's place, we had a quick tour around the lake and its surrounding. My girl wanted to see the prison and the clock tower.

Here's a picture of my mum and her grand-daughter.

Instead of heading home, we went over to my uncle's place. Gave him a box of instant bird-nest. Before we said goodbye, I pushed some money onto his palm. He refused to accept but no way..

Back at my mum's place, we got ready the cake..

Lighted the candle and sang a song for my mum.

Lastly, I requested a kiss from my girl as she always requested a kiss from me at our place in Ipoh.

Happy Mother's Day to all mums...


  1. Happy Mother's Day...

    Wish your aunt get well soon...

  2. Happy mothers Day to you Wenn. I hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you Wenn, the cake looks very big and yummy..So sweet of your girl to request kisses from you at home, I wish my boys request kisses from me too :)

  4. that's a nice celebration for your Mother's Day.. instead of having it on you, you went to pay a visit to your mum, your aunt and your uncle.. I am sure they were very happy to see you and your girl too!! :)

  5. what a lovely cake

    ya wor...very worrisome if cannot get her on the phone. Glad all is well :)

  6. Is so lovely picture, I like the last picture the most, Happy Mother's Day to you and to your mom! =]

  7. Hope your aunty will get better soon.

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother! Lovely photos! Good to hear that your aunty is getting better.

  9. So sweet of you. Hope your aunt get well soon!

  10. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you! Last picture is sweet~

  11. 3 generations celebrating Mother's Day, so sweet.


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