My girl planned another trip for us. We flew Air Asia again. To Singapore we went..Initially, we were indecisive on the place of stay. Finally, we decided on Vintage Inn whereby we shared a room with other occupants but with a curtain drawn. Not a bad idea after all..

When we reached Changi Airport on Tuesday, 19 May, we got ourselves a tourist pass which cost us $30 each but upon returning it, we got back $10 each.

Conveniently, we found our way to Little India and Vintage Inn is situated at the Race Course Street.

After checking in early at 9.30am, we adjourned to Bugis Street where we had our own time till our friend came after work at 1.30pm. He took us to many places such as the Library, Ikea and Giant too. He even took us to his home.

This friend drove us to East Coast to have our dinner before we headed to the Gardens by the Bay.

We got there on time for the Musical tree performance at 8.45pm.
Then we decided to call it a day as we were tired since we hardly had any sleep when we flew from KLIA2 early in the morning. My girl as a cabin crew was off duty late and I had to traveled to KLIA2 at midnight.

The next morning, we got up fresh. Ready for another day trip with lots of excitement. Another friend took turn to take us around. Our first stop was at his family's factory. We were treated with their home-made satay, ketupat and the delicious satay kuah.

Then he drove us around. First to the Woodlands. Then a drive-through to Haw Par Villa since it was raining. To the Keppel and next to the Henderson Waves. I haven't been to these two places before. So it was something new to me.
Henderson Waves, the awesome bridge.

We carried on to the Mount Faber and the China town.
Last but not least was the Marina Bay Sands.
We followed some guests up to the 57th floor and viewed the swimming pool. We had the beautiful view from above too..

I love this view!

Thanks to both of our friends. They were indeed a great tourist guide.

Just a 3 days trip and we covered almost all of Singapore.

Reached Ipoh bus station at 7pm on Thursday (21 May 14)


  1. Musical tree sounds interesting

  2. Wow, a very nice trip, lots of activities and thanks to good friends..

  3. wow, if guess you fly more often since your girl started her work with AA.. nice one, a 3D2N trip to SG and you have been to so many places!! I remember the last time I went April last year, I wasn't able to go to so many places.. heard Henderson Wave but have not been there, and also never been to MBS before, shame on me, haha!!! :p

  4. Too bad didn't get to meet you this round...

  5. wow what a lovely trip .

    Your friends so nice bring you to so many places.

  6. My youngest just asked me a few weeks ago whether we could revisit Singapore again. I told her that yes sure we will when we have the budget, as a little girl she chose to revisit Singapore over the rest of the places she had been.

  7. Yeah, saw your pixs on FB. Hope you have a great time here!

  8. What good friends you have to bring all of you around Singapore. You managed to see all the interesting sights. Very good!

  9. It was in year 2000 that i last visited Singapore. Time flies, and it is 2015 now, meaning 15 years already. I must go Singapore again with my girls. Your girl is so sweet, planning holiday with you .

  10. Very beautiful night view of the places you have visited. A very enjoyable trip for you.

  11. You are so lucky and enjoyed your trip better than mine. I am glad the host took you to see interesting places.

  12. I am quite a regular visitor to Singapore but I had never stepped inside those places you visited. Something is wrong with me. Ha ha....


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