A brand new cage

My little dog is exactly a year and 5 months old today. The boss got her a new cage last Sunday. She refused to get in the cage and the boss had frightened her. She went into hiding under our car.

I needed to chain her up as some contractors were coming to our house to prepare for our new gate. She was still aware of the new cage and I had to kept on persuading her to come near the cage. It took some time and finally she came to me. I quickly chained her up near her new cage.

The next morning, those contractors came and they were afraid of dogs. I tried to push her into her cage but she was holding back. I had no choice but to chain her near our door.

Later in the evening, I pushed the cage nearer to our door. She had the chance to feel the cage. Slowly, part of her body went into it. Her legs were still on the floor. 

Two days later, I pushed the cage back to the original place near the gate. She started sniffing the cage thinking it's something worth trying. She was half way inside the cage and I gave her a little tug. She was in the cage. Let her there for some time while I cleaned the compound. 

Let her out and I went inside the house. Later I checked on her and I saw that she was in the cage herself. She went to sleep after a short while.

Happy home to my precious little doggie..


  1. Perhaps if you put a nice blanked or rug in there it would make it more comfortable for her. I've heard that when they get used to it, some dogs prefer their cages. It gives them security.

  2. She wants to feel at home with it first. Your little dog is no longer little. Haha.

  3. Maybe can put some toy for the dog inside too...

  4. Hahha... Poor puppy , kena jailed!

  5. She needs some time to get comfortable with her new "home" =]

  6. definitely she needs some time to get herself use to her new "bedroom".. you have done a great job to take it easy and train her slowly, you are more patient than your boss, haha!! :)

  7. What a cute post about your doggie! I heard friends had to put their pet's favourite pillows, rags or slippers into the cage where their dogs went inside happily.

  8. Good that you let her slowly get used to her cage rather than forcing her into it.

  9. Big girl jo! She is sure one 'hang fook' dog under your care ;)


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