Intense emotional connections

by Eric J. Leech

The word, "intimate" has long been defined by the act of intercourse, and while romance and sex are indeed an important part of intimacy, they are only a very small portion of it. The actual definition of intimacy should read, "a warm relationship between lovers that is characterized by a relaxed informality, deep understanding, vulnerability, shared empathy, and the need to be close. Other definitions may also choose to include the word 'soulmate' as a means to describe the extent of such a connection.

What is intimacy, exactly? Here's some relationship advice in the form of nine pieces of the puzzle, which, when combined, comprise the truest form of intimacy a couple could ever achieve:

Emotional Connection

Spiritual Connection

Relaxed Informality

Deep Understanding




Shared Empathy

The Need to be Close

The next time you and your partner discuss intimacy, don't forget that its origins go far deeper than sex. It is unfortunate that many couples fail to understand that true intimacy is a slowly developed process, intertwined by the mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Those who know this kind of intimacy, know pleasure far beyond the fleeting moments of passion between the sheets!

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  1. wow...i had no idea there is so many meanings to it

  2. I agree with you. Intimacy does not mean to sex only. It's deeper than that

  3. when you are old like me, romanticism goes to the back seat to practical needs.

  4. this is very beautifully written..

  5. In many cases Asian men and women look at duty towards each other. Not many of them would really demand intimacy in the real sense. I know of a couple who did not have a wedding night because his parents and siblings were in the house and he slept with them instead because too shy to show his feelings towards his newly wedded wife. She lives to tell the story/stories about how cold he was until his dying days. But they have three wonderful children.
    How many women would surface to tell their stories>? I know my mum won't.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. It takes time to understand but once a couple learns this lesson life is very good. :)

  7. Being intimate is all about knowin each other very well. It's abt knowin one's hopes n dreams, fears and strengths, etc.
    Intimacy is a must! But couples nowadays only look forward to other things! Blek...

  8. What a good read, Wenn!

  9. This is interesting. Learn something new today! : )

  10. Wonderful post Wenn! Its a life-long lesson so to speak!


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