Bully Beetle

This big beetle is bullying the smaller one.

"Help" but the smaller beetle has no where to go
as they are kept inside the glass container.

Wonder why the big one is bulling the small one?

Beetles may display extremely intricate behaviour when mating. Pheromone communication is thought to be important in the location of a mate.

Conflict can play a part in the mating rituals where conflicts between males and females rage until only one of each is left, thus ensuring reproduction by the strongest and fittest. Many male beetles are territorial and will fiercely defend their small patch of territory from intruding males. The males may often have horns on the head and/or thorax, making their overall body lengths greater than those of the females.
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  1. where are these beetles from? all i can say is ewww! i don't like them when they come in the house. we only have smaller ones here in Florida. :)

  2. You bought it? Perhaps it was trying to...mate? Haha :D

  3. aaaww. the photo looks scary, but its only a beetle.

  4. Whoa, you must be observing the surroundings keenly.

    Take a peek at the critter on my page.

  5. That's life! Only the strong survives!

  6. He sure is a bully to the little one..Great capture!

  7. The videos taken at zoo??.....It's good example of The strong / mighty oppress the weak one....

  8. In life, the big people bully the small people too.

  9. are these the stinky ones? Your daughter's pet?

  10. yes, in real life, small sized people can get bullied too.. but generally small sized are very pedas one..like cilipadi-s..

  11. If I have nightmares now, it's your fault !

  12. aww, I feel sorry for the little one.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)


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