Athens Day 1 night

We rested for a while before we got ready for our dinner.

That's the hotel for our stay.

at the lobby

We walked to a nearby restaurant for our dinner.

bread and cucumber yogurt

salad with cheese and olive oil

fried aubergine with olive oil

french fries

the main dish, kebab

lastly yogurt with honey

We walked back feeling chilled and I thought we saw
the Acropolis of Athens. 

The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world.


  1. I think I will like the food there because I like to eat yogurt, cheese, and olive oil. How did you like the food?

  2. Was the dinner provided as part of the tour or were you free to order your own food?

  3. The Acropolis of Athens looks grand even from afar and at night too! So nice that the hotel is within walking distance to attractions.

  4. so it was really a relaxed day for the 1st day upon arrival huh?? you were just brought to have dinner and then get more rest in the hotel for the subsequent days..

  5. nice dinner!! all the dishes seemed to be so healthy.. with olive oil, yoghurt, grills and cheese.. i would love this kind of meal..

  6. the greek salad with feta cheese looks good, a great appetizer.. and the kebab, wow, the meat portion is so generous!! totally the different thing from those in Malaysia, big wheat wrap but just tiny little bit of meat.. haha!!

  7. Look forward to more post of your trip...

  8. Wish can try out the dinner... hehe...

  9. Good to have a change of diet and to eat like the locals , nice healthy food

  10. that's a typical greek menu.
    tasty and healthy. i hope you enjoyed your stay. and the food.


  11. Wow, I love Athens, always wish to go there once!!! =]

  12. hmm the foods were scrumptious wenn,
    but im looking forward more on there native food
    is there any? or did you get the chance to try some?

  13. that ast shot was pretty in interesting,
    and that structure above the mountain(if it is a mountain)
    seems like Olympus haha

  14. is it me or most of the structures form athens were often
    symmetrical or more on the rectangular shape?

  15. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take the best of care and god bless you always

  16. Great.. so this is your first day...

  17. The food looks good, especially the salad with cheese! Yum! That last picture is gorgeous!

  18. The fried aubergine with olive oil certainly looks good

    1. well the food certanly looks delicious least i think i would dare to eat since it's similar to what we have here


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