Athens Day 2

 Visit my Scrumptious blog to view my breakfast at the Hotel Melia Athens.

After breakfast, it's time to visit the Acropolis of Athens..
 view from afar

 got our tickets ready

 reached the gate of entrance

 a must-post picture of rememberance

 All of us (100) got ready for a photo shot. 
The wind-breakers were given free to us by Wyeth.

 Then we adjourned to the highest part.

 I simply loved the feel of it..being right in the compound.

 The Parthenon is being restructured to its original structure.

 The flag of Greece stands proudly there.

 Love its unique pillars.
Visit my Knowledge blog for more pictures.

 Time to get down.

3 coaches were already waiting for us.
We spent about 2 hours there.
Simply amazing!


  1. Whoa! Itu lah dia the moment we have been waiting for..the most ∑xciting part..tQ

  2. Waiting to see more post of your trip....

  3. wow, three buses and all together 100 of you?? and it was really a sight to see 100 people wearing that same striking red jacket!! the guide sure won't lost you~~ :)

  4. i hopped over to your Scrumptious blog.. wow, love that breakfast buffet with a huge spread of things i love for breakfast.. not bad at all~~

  5. i also hopped over to your Knowledge blog.. but there are only a set of photos of the Acropolis without any write-up!! now, that doesn't seems to tell me any knowledge, hahahaha~~ this blog seems more informative :p

  6. great trip to the Acropolis but too bad the Parthenon is under renovation, so you didn't get to see much of it??

  7. I can imagine the nice and wonderful feeling you had when you were standing right there in the compound of the Acropolis. Was the weather hot or cold there? I noticed that it was very sunny from the photos.

  8. Are all the 100 people in your tour group from Malaysia or are they from all over the world?

  9. I like all the architectures there! Very unique!

  10. Lovely photos of your trip. Envy you leh.

  11. Easier to recognise if all wear same color.. how is the weather there?

  12. Wow. Beautiful ruins. Must be glorious during the old days.

  13. wow just like what i knew i would see it there
    the ruins! well is there any story been told about this?
    i mean does it has some interesting history

  14. haha your all in red huh, i bet iwas still
    chilly at morning haha you all wear jackets
    at that sunny day

  15. i just wonder how does that look
    as it were back in it's time

  16. ill visit your other blogs some other time haha
    im on tight schedule as of now

  17. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take care always and god bless you

  18. your photos bring back wonderful memories.

  19. So nice everyone was wearing red jackets.

  20. 100 people is a big tour .


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