Happy Winter Solstice

I decided to hold a Christmas gathering at ChangJiang. So I called up my ex staff, Saras if she could cook for us. She was kind enough to oblige and ChangJiang sponsored the rest.

nasi minyak
chicken rendang

Well, the boss was not in the picture as he had a meeting to attend.
The shop was closed earlier at 1pm so that we could eat peacefully.
Thus everyone enjoyed themselves!

My first time in making the glutinous rice balls. Check this out..

Ok..glutinous rice balls making for this year..
Instead of the usual colorings, I used the cocoa powder and the green tea powder.
Came out as expected..
Chewy my favorite!

Happy Winter Solstice
Merry Christmas too!


  1. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it, and it looks like there was a lot of good food. :)

  2. oh, that's a nice Christmas gathering!! i love the nasi minyak and chicken rendang..

    and did you just make your "tong yuen" and can't wait to post it here?? hehe~~ :p

  3. I didn;t get to celebrate it today as I need to rush back to Singapore. Love the chicken rendang.

  4. Happy Dong Zhi to you too! Yeah we celebrated yesterday at mil's house although the real day is today.. I love that rendang, yummmzzz...

  5. Best wishes to YOU!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Christmas Flute [me playing] https://soundcloud.com/icloudia/holidays

  6. Nice gathering. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas to you Wenn.

  7. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas to you and your family...

  8. Happy Festive Season to you, Wenn and family! Enjoy... long time didnt catch up with you la... we have been so busy lately.. hope I can see you one fine day!

  9. Green Tea and Cocoa glutinous rice balls, very special indeed.

  10. Happy Dong Zhi to you and your family! Healthy tong yuen! So nice of you to hold a party for everyone.


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