My Christmas Day

Two of my friends invited me to their houses. One for breakfast and the other for lunch. I knew I would be very busy on Christmas day as I would be needed to wrap more hampers. Anyway, I stole some time to visit them. 

At 9.30am, I went to Doris's place for breakfast. I went with another friend who was only invited.
Doris was all smiles...
I had three types of food..

Quickly rush back to work after some time. At 1pm, I went to Naidu's place with another friend.
Naidu's family with the two of us in red.
We had buffet lunch. Yummy!

Best of all..when I came back from the visitation, I had a great surprise!
guess what is it..


  1. So nice, went to good friend's house for breakfast & lunch.. I love buffet, I can go 3-4 rounds, haha.. Oooo great surprise? A chocolate log cake at the shop waiting for you?

  2. that's a nice Christmas house-hopping to friends' party at home!! this proved the Ipoh Taukesoh is loved by many!! haha.. I love the food, but guess you didn't (or couldn't afford to) eat much huh?? :)

  3. wah what a nice visit. Good time spend with friends

    what a nice surprise from the boss too whn you got back, saw in FB :)

    Happy New Year ,Wenn

  4. I don't celebrate Christmas so it was just an ordinary day for me.

    Anyway, wishing you and family a happy new year!

  5. Doing some visiting during festive season is a noble thing to do.

  6. You are so popular and have so many WENNderful friends!!

  7. Long time you didn't wear your colourful saree to meet friends. Better take the saree out to dry in the sun otherwise grow fungus.


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