Chinese new year lantern

It's time for me to make some new year lanterns for the upcoming Chinese new year. I have some red packets left from last year so I was making use of them to make the lanterns. I had 48 pieces altogether. Folding them and then stapled the folded sides together.


So definitely the same place got the priviledge.

On the first day of the new year 2015, I had a beautiful surprise.
My flowers started to bloom. They are blooming beautifully day after day.

Simply love them.
Thanks to my friend for giving me this plant.


  1. That plumeria can become a tree! Can't wait for the year of the Wood Ram

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Nice.. You very yau sum kei to fold the red packets.. I still dunno how to fold them til today *blush*

  3. what a lovely blooms :) Kinda hard to get these two color ones

  4. nice angpow lanterns and flowers!! wow, you sure have skillful hands in all these crafts and also gardening.. like Princess Ribbon, i do not know all these folding things~~ :p

  5. It is a very beautiful pot of flowers.

    Nice lanterns. No lanterns making for me this year. Super lazy. ^^

  6. I saw you posted the flower photos in FB, very beautiful!!

  7. Me also blush, i also dunno how to fold using red packets...

  8. Nice to decorate the shop with lanterns you DIY. The flowers are lovely and really nice to look at when you use them as your blog background picture.

  9. wow... making lanterns with angpaus packets will surely 'boost' your mood for CNY!

  10. The cny lanterns reminds that I've done something like that in my primary school duh!!

  11. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with Today's Flowers. I wish you a very happy weekend.

  12. Lovey CNY decoration, if I have time I want to make DIY CNY decoration too. It definitely a good cost cutting effort in home CNY decoration.

  13. I have lots of old ang pow envelopes!! I must start making lanterns with them!


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