Happy Birthday Jean

We were in KL last weekend and since we wouldn't be able to celebrate Jean's birthday today, we celebrated it last Saturday. She insisted that it was not necessary but I felt that we could do it. 

Yesterday was her first official flight. She had done quite a number of observatory ones last week. 

Make a wish and may it come true.

Happy Birthday, dearest Jean!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jean, many happy returns and may all her dreams come true.

  2. Happy birthday Jean & many happy returns.. Glad that she's doing what she loves and many mor good things to come :)

  3. What a proud mama with her lovely daughter!
    Happy Birthday to WENNder Mama's Jean.

  4. Happy Birthday to Jean!!

    yes, since the family was there in KL then it would be nice to celebrate her birthday.. so where is she flying to on her birthday?? kind of auspicious for her first flight huh?? :)

    1. Thanks SK. Her first official flight was to Ujung Pandang. Today she was in Kunming China.

  5. Happy Birthday and good luck in her new job!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jean! And all the best in her dream job!

  7. Happy birthday Jean. She is really a pretty girl !


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