Thanks SK

Received the above cd and the CNY card from SK.

Thank you very much SK!
Really appreciate your time and effort!

When I received SK's email asking me to list down my favorite songs, I was thinking of the coming CNY.  So I had wanted him to compile a set of CNY songs for me. But guess I must follow the rules and regulations. And seeing that I'm Chinese illiterate, I gave up the idea.

On that very night, I was watching the tribute to Elvis Presley with my boss. Elvis was singing the song 'My Way'. It's indeed a beautiful song and the boss said he wanted to buy Elvis's cd with this song.

It gave me an idea. Without hesitation, I went about hunting for songs that my boss likes. 

I'm going to give this personalised cd to my boss. Hope he likes it...


  1. glad that you received the CD on time.. and yeah, i insist everyone to give me the list of 10 songs so that i can also choose some extras based on the list - if i am going to choose all for you, then that's not quite meaningful already huh??

    hope your boss will like the CD and enjoy the songs.. if i knew you are going to give it to him, i would have not used pink color, hahaha!!

  2. I see corn and lap cheong on the cd .. wah very hoiwai also.. food theme huh.. nice..

  3. Nice gift. A compilation of personalised songs.

  4. So thoughtful of you Wenn to give this CD to your husband and nice of SK to ask for 10 songs from you instead of him choosing all the songs. I could not figure out what picture is on the CD. What is it?

  5. After seeing Princess Ribbon's blog, I am laughing at your cute CD. SK took time and great pains to design different CD covers for all of us! I love mine so much too.

  6. You are always so thoughtful and very WENNderful to even dedicate the songs to your boss! He will give you 6 months bonus for compiling all his favourites into one CD. Money cannot even buy exactly his own choices!

  7. fast arrived the CD. Hope your boss love it

  8. What nice pressie for SK. :)

  9. So sweet of you!! He must be appreciate it very much!! =]


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