Japanese meals (10 June 2015)

We had a quick buffet before we adjourned to Tokyo Disneyland.

My plate of breakfast. I always made sure I finished up all that I had taken. Don't believe in food wastage.

We spent a few hours in Disneyland. Hence our lunch were not provided.
My girl and I just had Mickey biscuits bought from the Disneyland.

love this potato crackers

Surprisingly, we were taken to a Chinese restaurant for our dinner.
I didn't post the pictures as they were not very tasty as compared to Japanese food.

So I commented in the Prestige form that we shouldn't be served Chinese food when touring in Japan.


  1. one thing that i hate most about joining packaged group tour is they bring us to eat Chinese food in a non-Chinese place, hahaha!! i would rather eat the local food and try as many different stuffs, and i really do not understand why travel agencies must do this??!!

    anyway, you just had biscuits for your lunch, hmmm, probably you are not used to spending on meals since everything is inclusive everyday?? :)

  2. I always eat all the food I get at a buffet. I don't like wasting food either!

  3. Very true, should not provide chinese dinner when customers prefer to eat Japanese food.

  4. I miss the Disneyland Mickey ice cream...

  5. Same here, i don't like to waste foods...

  6. You took so much food photos during your trip! What happened to the scenery and Disneyland photos? We are all anxiously waiting....

  7. I like the potato crackers too.. I can have many many cups of that...

  8. LOL...maybe the company thing Malaysian will miss chinese food when they travel overseas

  9. Ya lah, I don't understand why they take you to Chinese restaurant when you are in Japan. Surely when in Japan, we want to eat Japanese food!


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