Japan sightseeing (3)

(8 June 15)

Peace Park

The Peace Park in Gotemba City commands a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and houses the chalky stupa. Approximately 70% of visitors to the park are tourists from overseas, and the park serves as one of the golden spots in sightseeing in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is located on the mountainside of the outer rim of Hakone crater, commanding a good view of the city. The stupa, the symbol of the park, keeps the Buddha’s ashes presented by late Indian Prime Minister Nehru. 4 golden images of Buddha are also housed. In front of the stupa, the guardian dogs of respective Asian countries stand in line.

Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Village is used be a lake called Lake Utsu for long time ago. When Mt. Fuji erupted, Lava from Mt. Fuji coverd north part of Lake Utsu. Then, the south part of Lake Utsu (宇津湖) becomes Lake Yamanaka, and covered area became Oshino Village. The spring spots of Mt. Fuji were still left in the same spots. So, eventually water spring in Oshino Village, and they were called Oshino Hakkai.

Because Mt. Fuji is believed as spiritual mountain, the water of Oshino Hakkai was called “The spring of God.” Those believes created many local legends. Now, Oshino Hakkai is one of the National Treasure of Japan, and 100 best water of Japan.

Eight Springs
Deguchi Pond
Okama Pond
Sokonuke Pond
Choshi Pond
Waku Pond
Nigori Pond
Kagami Pond
Shobu Pond

4th station of Mt Fuji

View of Mt Fuji from the 5th station

MT. FUJI (65 miles and two hours by bus from Tokyo) is the tallest, most beautiful and revered mountain in Japan. Rising to a height of 12,388 feet, it is also Japan's most well known natural landmark, its most enduring symbol after the rising sun, and an inspiration for generations of poets and artists who have attempted to capture its always-changing beauty which varies with the view, the time of day, the season and the weather.Encircled by a halo of clouds and topped by streaks of white snow in the summer and early autumn and covered by a full snow cap the remainder of the year, Mt. Fuji is a perfectly-shaped deep -cratered volcano which presides over a plain south of Tokyo and measures about 40 kilometers around at its base. On clear days about a third of Japan's population can see it from near their homes; but most of the time it is shrouded in clouds or haze.


  1. Ahhh, Mount Fuji, nice.. Those best water, they sell in bottles? Or can take and fill up in our own water bottle?

  2. I have only seen Mt Fuji from photos and videos but have not seen the real thing.. it must be a thrilling experience when you were there to behold it in your eyes :)

  3. Indeed Mount Fuji is very beautiful, can even see clearly from the airplane!

  4. Hi wenn! Been very busy and now only got time to blog hop.

    Japan, a country I wish to revisit~

  5. Nice scenery, Wenn... I didnt go there last time..

  6. The photos are lovely and I am looking forward to see Mount Fuji, even from a distance.

  7. Lovely photos. So nice leh to see mount fuji with own eyes


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