Goodbye RealRewards

It has been ages since I signed up for RealRewards. I had received emails from them before but I couldn't get in as I forgot my password. Wanted to call them but I kept on procrastinating. Yesterday, I was browsing through my old cards and I found my VIP RealReward card. I went to the website and hoping to get my password right. 

Tried a few times and I gave up. But I call the customer service. I was told to wait for her call but she didn't call at all. 

This morning, I called the customer service again. This lady was more efficient. She checked my card number and ic number. I was told that my record was not in the system.

How come? I had not been using it for more than two years and so my record was gone for good!
I won't sign up for it anymore.

Found this sole letter dated 2004 when they sent me my VIP card.

All along, I thought that the points never expired.
My very big mistake!


  1. I had the card. I think I still have it, in my drawer. But never use.

  2. I have phobia with all those cards and threw away many. Now I only keep those I trust from the AEON and the Banks. Their loyalty program is very reliable.

  3. I also signed up many years ago, my card should be some way around the house, have forgotten about it.

  4. Thought once you sign up, the record will be there permanent, but how come the record not there anymore?

  5. Heard of Real Rewards, but never signed up for one.. Those membership cards, I never bothered, like the Eu Yan Sang card, now dunno gone where already..

  6. Sometimes we sign up too many cards also troublesome, unless those we used very frequently, if not end up gonna like this too, the points got forfeit.

  7. I also signed up for this a long time ago but never use it much - only once or twice so don't think there are any points in it.

  8. i can't remember if i have signed up this RealRewards, hahaha!! if i had, i must have lost the card totally or placed it somewhere i could not remember..

  9. Never heard of it . I guess you needed to activate it by using it ?

  10. I don't have the card so don't know much about it..


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