My BIL and SIL

This BIL is my hubby's eldest brother. He studied and graduated in Sydney. He married a German girl and have two grown-up sons. 

They always make a trip back to Malaysia practically once yearly. I have known them ever since I met my boyfriend then. Each time they came back, I would play host to them.

But unfortunately they didn't get to attend my marriage as it was not convenient. Both were teachers then. Now, my BIL has retired but my SIL is now a lawyer. 

I had been to their house in Newcastle in 2002 and I met them in Sydney in 2010.

Recently, they came back to attend a wedding. It's my SIL's (my hubby's youngest sister) second son's marriage.

I met them at the wedding dinner in Taiping last Sunday. They stayed back in Taiping and came to Ipoh on Wednesday. This time they didn't stay at my place but at my BIL's (my hubby's youngest brother) place.

Last Sunday

Early morning on Friday, my BIL called me and asked me to take them to Sam Poh Tong to visit his late parents' rest place.

They usually want to visit this place every year to pay respect to his late parents.

Then I took them to GP to take their breakfast.
After consuming the BKT and wantan noodles, they took a rest.

In the evening, we took them for a scrumptious dinner at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant.

The next day, on Saturday, I took them for a breakfast in First Garden.

Before I sent them to the railway station to catch the ets to KL Sentral, we dropped by at CJ to say goodbye to his brother.

The train arrived and it was scheduled to leave at 11am.

My uncle picked them and they stayed a night in PJ.

Now, they should be at the hotel.

Soon, they will be flying back to Australia.

Goodbye for now, my dearest BIL and SIL.

Hope to see both of you again soon...

next year...


  1. Good to have relatives and friends all over the globe, when you travel there, you get to visit them.

  2. I remember this lovely couple. He is such a good son to come back yearly to pay his respects at Sam Poh Tong. You really have good memory to recall who did not attend your wedding. I could not remember that well as my wedding was too crowded with guests. I was tipsy halfway through the dinner!

  3. Looks like a nice family visit!

  4. You play your role as a good host again this time taking them around to pay respect to your late parents in law and for food. Hope you get to visit them in Australia again.

  5. A great family reunion. Your bil looks like your hubby a lot.

  6. What a wonderful family gathering.. You can take SIL to enjoy local food here & there, and from the pictures, she looks like a nice nice lady!

  7. You guys seems have a good time!!

  8. What a lovely visit, must be lots to catch up for a whole year stories. =]

  9. i think both your BIL and SIL like going back to Ipoh too.. sure they enjoy the food and also the local culture, especially with such a nice lady being their host.. :)

  10. I can see that both of them frequently come back to Malaysia and pay a visit to all of you right?

  11. Very nice family bonding with your in laws, Wenn.. Hope they will come back yearly to see you all..and vice versa! :)

  12. That's so nice for your BIL to still be able to return once a year. It is also nice that you get to go over :D

    He looks so much alike your hubby. I don't look like my sisters. LoL.

  13. I remember these faces, you blogged about them before =)


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