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It has been 4 years since I started the facebook page for ChangJiang.

When I first started it, I got a very big challenge from my boy. He said if I could get 100 likes, he would like my page.

I struggled very hard to get those 'likes'. I gave out pieces of paper with the link to my customers. I even organised competition after competition to create awareness to my customers.

Soon I achieved it! Now it has touched 1145 likes..

So I gonna celebrate it this Sunday!

Happy 4th Anniversary to my ChangJiang Facebook page!

Thank you very much for your support too!

Have a nice day, everyone!!

FYI, here's the lastest contest!

My most memorable experience @ ChangJiang.
Tell us your experience and win yourself a souvenir from ChangJiang.
Closing date-30April 2016


  1. Happy 4 Anniversary! Way to go!
    Hope you will always post more activities and happy customers in that Facebook. They will love that!

  2. happy anniversary!! your affords pay off..

  3. Happy 4th Anniversary to your ChangJiang Facebook page! So many likes now. Well done Wenn!

  4. Wah, got 1145 likes, not bad at all wo! Congrats!!

  5. Happy 4th Anniversary to your shop :) Well done, everyone loves you :)

  6. Wow.. Well done !!! You have matainained the page for four years and it's a feat with so many visitors !


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