My girl, Jean borrowed RM48K for her Accounting course at KDU. She graduated in June 2014. In Dec 2014, we returned the loan to PTPTN as we were given 20% discount.

So we thought everything was settled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, after 15 months, we received a letter 5 days ago asking us to settle the balance. 

It made me curious. I quickly went online and made a complaint on the same day. We paid as required. How come we were required to pay the balance of 20%? I told them to refer to the announcement made in Dec 2014.

Waited for 4 days and there was not a single reply. I decided to check it out at UTC yesterday. On arriving there, I asked to check the status. The officer-in-charge told me that all had been paid with the given 20% discount. 

I showed him the letter. He simply answered that the letter was outdated. They had just updated their system this month.

Fine. I asked for a printed statement. It showed clearly that we don't owe them a single sen.

Went back home and scrutinized the statement. Seemed they only updated the system after my complaint.

Wondering what would happen if I didn't complain at all. But no way, I surely want a clarification from them..

Thank God all is settled...


  1. Thank goodness you got that all sorted out now. Sigh, sometimes these ppl just makes life miserable for others.

  2. Thank you for sharing this so that we know what to do if the same case happens to us.

  3. Thank god for that. I would not want to pay for anything that I did not mean to pay.

  4. Wow, lucky you went to UTC to clarify.. I don't like when I was told I still owe something or how much etc.. And 20% is not a small sum..

  5. If me, i will also go clarify, as to find out why i have to pay it even i have paid all already...

  6. The oversight of such people are very common and scary if we are not careful. Luckily all ended well and happy for this accountant.

  7. Sent an outdated mail to you? That's very suspicious....and they said they've updated the system this month, so is they send out the letter already then only update the system or they've already update the system but still send those letter see who wasn't that aware then blur blur pay it again.......

  8. Sigh ... They always boleh! Give people trouble and go all the way to check.. So susah!

  9. Oh, good that you went to clarify.. I thought got 50% discount recently? Maybe I heard wrongly.. My girl is also owing but have to wait till she graduates first...

  10. I still owe PTPTN, hahah *shhh* But I pay on time every month so should be ok.


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