Penang trip (11 & 12 june)

This was our school friends' third annual trip. We went to Penang. We stayed a night at Four Points by Sheraton. It's a nice hotel but the beach was not breezy at all..

Our friend, the organiser had done for us, the same t-shirt for all. The pink color is lovely.
Took pictures of ourselves at the the hotel.

It was a fun holiday as we chatted and laughed non-stopped..
We had dinner together whilst we celebrated one of our friends' birthday.

The beach was calm and beautiful but the sunrise the next morning was even more lovely..
But unfortunately, I didn't get up to witness it.


  1. Wow the beach was indeed beautiful, I love Penang beach

  2. Oh my. This is a lovely trip for you girls. I would wish to have such plan for my ex-classmates etc.

    Yup. Lovely vibrant pink shirt.

  3. Good to have such trip where can catch up with each other...

  4. Good to see that so many of you make it for this get together penang trip. Must be fun catching up with each other every year.

  5. What a lovely outing with all wearing same uniform. That is really unity!!

  6. Aww this is so nice, to have an outing with your former school friends with customise tee somemore.

  7. wahhhh... very semangat you all... nice gathering...yes, I can imagine the fun... !

  8. Love the shirts! Color is very vibrant!

  9. The pink shirts look good on your guys ! Seems lots of fun!


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