Everfresh Seafood & Fung Shing Restaurant

We were up very early in the morning. While we were in the bus, I just admired the beautiful scenery and skyscrapers of Hong Kong city.

nice fountain in the middle of the city

crowded with tall buildings

big building for a primary school

colorful buildings

view taken at a crossroad

up up to the sky

Then, we had our first breakfast in Hong Kong at the Everfresh Seafood Hotspot Restaurant.

the restaurant

the menu

the interior


har kau


siew mai

lo bak ko

chee cheong fun

choi kau

chee ma kol

There were 9 people at our table, so each person could only take a piece of each item.

Next, before we proceeded to Macau, we had our lunch at the Fung Shing Restaurant. It was the Hakka favorite dish.

Both meals were provided by the tour agency and we were very happy as the food tasted good.


  1. wah...your breakfast so luxurious!

  2. Love the photos of Hong Kong and the food.

  3. ohh...those dishes make my stomach crying! ^_^ nice pictures!

  4. Wenn, I actually dont like HK but looking at ur post makes me feel like visiting again hahahaaaha

  5. You are a really good teaser :-) Posting all of these delicious foods make me wanted to get in the car and go to get some at the nearest Chinese restaurant!

  6. chee cheong fun not cut one?

  7. oh looks alike a yummy meal! But so sad not enough for second piece...

    the buildings look dull in the day yea? But when it comes to night they are beautiful ^_^.

  8. I am so amazed by all of the tall buildings and especially the big building for a primary school, it looks like a college building would look here! I am amazed by all of the food, very interesting dishes.

  9. That's a big building for a primary school and the foods are so yummy looking!

  10. People who go to Happy Valley may end up unhappy - losing in horse racing :')

  11. I miss the yummy HK dimsum. I'm surprised your travel package include such good meals. I got yucky meals when I took packaged tour. ish.

  12. budget RM 3000 enough for 6 days HK trip or not?
    then they got MRT something one right? we need to buy something like ezlink card before going or you can buy easily over there?

  13. wow, the dim sum sure looks really delicious! :D now i'm even more hungry xD thanks for sharing!

  14. We all love HK...coz we all love FOOD! :)

  15. You got me real hungry with this post. I love seafood! Have a wonderful day :)

  16. wah..yr tour agency very say tak.. ipoh one or KL?

  17. the school really big!

    the dim sum one... look like KL one hehehe

    the last dishes look great ... yummy

  18. the dim sum looks real good. In HK, you can really find good dim sum!

  19. Rm3k is more than enough for this trip..my KL/Ipoh tour agency goes for quality tour..we can access the MRT easily..the buildings definitely looks beautiful at night..

  20. gosh the dimsum there is yummylicious! i miss the dimsum there!

  21. i think if you go on your own, like what we did, food takes up a big part of the daily expenditure.

  22. maybe it's better to follow a tour..more scenic places to visit..just follow than worrying..

  23. The food looks great, esp the dim sum - yumm.

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