Penang Kuan Yin

We finally managed to get to visit this awesome Kuan Yin after a long drive trying to locate the Penang Pagoda.

In 2002, a 30.2m bronze statue of the Kuan Yin was completed and opened to public. It replaced the previous white plaster Kuan Yin statue which was damaged due to a fire a few years earlier. The bronze statue is located on the hillside above the pagoda while the head of the previous statue which survived the fire is preserved and placed on the right hand corner of the new statue. wikipedia

The serene face of the Kuan Yin..

See how huge is the bronze Kuan Yin..
See the two lion statues looking at each other..

The elephant statue is steadily guiding the entrance..

Another awesome bronze statue near the Kuan Yin..

Kuan Yin sits on the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit..

the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat..

the Monkey, the Hen, the Dog and the Pig..

statues of the animals lining up..

the Monkey and so on..

this Rooster looks so majestic..

view of Penang from atop..

It is indeed an amazing place one mustn't miss when one visits Penang..


  1. the giant kuan yin statue at kek lok si looks majestic at night.

  2. The statue was not ready yet during my last trip.

  3. The Chinese Sculpture never fails to impress me.

  4. Great photos and captures.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Thanks so very much for sharing the wonderful photos and their story. I'll be watching for more in the future.

  6. Lovely pictures. I must make a longer visit to Penang soon.

    There is also a Kek Lok Si in Fuzhou..Kutien to be specific.


  7. I love this place a lot. It gives me lots of good memories with my family. :D

  8. Amazing sculptures and beautiful infrastructure :) Love it!

  9. like pete the last time i went there it was not ready yet must go again hhahha

  10. True :-) This is one of the attraction for Penang..Have a nice weekend with family & loved ones..Cheers!

  11. Amazing statues and the top ones are so big too.

  12. so u went to Penang Hill? i have not been there for more than 20 years.. :)

  13. we went to the steak restaurant that was shaped like a ship. I should love Penang food but the husband didn't trust street food.

  14. What a wonderful trip, Wenn. Really nice and so interesting.
    Happy weekend!

  15. I went there during CNY. Terribly crowded.

  16. Great photos of all the amazing statues :)

  17. Wow, very amazing! All the detail and work that goes into the statues is mindboggling!

  18. Must visit Kek Lok Si one of these days when I'm back. The statue was under construction the last time we visited the temple.


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