Queen Victoria Market.

13 June 2010

Reached Melbourne International Airport at 5.30am. Australia is 2 hours ahead of us.

Melbourne International Airport

Be Careful..
Quarantine Matters!
Declare or beware!

More Ways to Pay..

It was so cold..

A short while later, the tour bus driver cum guide met us.
The bus took about an hour to reach the city of Melbourne.

Early morning scenery at the city.

Such big shophouse for dairy products.

Feeling cold and hungry, I had hotcakes..

and a hot cup of cuppucino at McDonald's..

before I proceeded to Queen Victoria Market.


  1. thank you for bringing us, Dear

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  2. Great new template...and good photos of Melbourne!! Lucky you!!

  3. Looking at all these pictures, I think I need to have a holiday as well.

    Maybe Bali?

  4. What an awesome place!

  5. In Malaysia, McDonald's Hotcake set gives us 2 pieces only. In Australia it's 3 pieces?

    This shows that Australians eat more than we do...

  6. Jom follow Bain layan HDR, yay! ^_^

  7. yup they are very strict on food stuffs.

    Delicious food

  8. cold....nice weather in melb. miss there so much!


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