KPJ Ipoh

Most of the time I don't need to get to work early but recently I had to.. 

My husband wanted to consult his doctor in the morning, so I had to go to the shop earlier. He had visited his doctor a few times before he finally agreed to a surgery.

Well, my husband had this bugging problem on his buttock. There was a small growth but very persistent even though my husband pressed it out..

 It was not painful but a bit irritating especially when he sat down..

So a day was fixed for him to go through the surgery..

This morning, I dropped him at the entrance as I needed to find a car park. We were there at 10am and imagine we waited till 11.30am.. When everything was settled, it was already 12pm.

I had to get back to work and ran some errands..At 3pm, he was still in his ward. At 5pm, I called him again but there was no answer. I presumed he must be in the operating theater.

I quickly had my dinner and I got to the hospital at 6pm. He was still not back to his ward yet. I waited and waited till 8pm. Finally, he was back.

He was conscious. A short while later, he was served a bowl of porridge and a cup of milo.  

Visiting hour is over at 8pm so I just said goodnight, left the place and back to work..

Tomorrow I have to go to work early again....


  1. It's nothing serious, is it? @.@

    Hope you hubby recovers well from the surgery.

  2. must be very busy for you these few days. Have to take care of the shop and your hubi also

  3. U Take more vit. if too tired, may fall sick too. You take care ya.

  4. I got a small growth at my buttock also..
    but i manage to press it out and everyhing back to normal..
    KPJ = big whit shark..
    it changes a lot ...

  5. oh, hope your husband is all happy now after removing that thing from his butt..

    1. should be relieved of his worries..

  6. but i think you were rushing here and there on these few days, you too need to take care also..

  7. so you are really a wonder woman, having eight tentacles to take care of all the things while your husband is away.. :)

  8. hope everything will be back to normal soon :)

  9. HI Wenn...wishing for his recovery. Take care!


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