Western Lunch

After visiting the spectacular Postojna cave in Slovenia, we had our lunch nearby..

I befriended these two young ladies and we had a great time together..
chit-chatting while eating

Western meal always starts with some bread..

and soup..

the main course..
the turkey meat

and the dessert.

I enjoyed it very much


  1. so are those traditional Slovenian cooking??

  2. don't look very grand (yeah, we know, it's all under budget when you took packaged tour) but i hope these are authentic local food..

  3. it's always very nice to befriend with other members of the same team when you go travelling.. makes more fun!!

  4. and the next thing you talk about is to go somewhere else together.. :)

  5. i wonder what soup is that?? looks like our toufu broth, hahaha~~

  6. looks a very simple delicious meal..
    Ur mum ok with western food?

  7. hey..table for 4? :) so everyday western food?

  8. looks yummy. hope you enjoyed your meal.


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