At First Garden Playground

My girl woke me up this morning and wanted me to go jogging with her. I was reluctant as it was already too late to go to the Polo Ground which is about 20 minutes drive. She insisted that we go to the nearest one that is the First Garden Playground.

Ok, I quickly changed and off we went..

Let's take a tour around.. 

This climbing bars bring back sweet memories. 
My kids used to climb on those bars..

This steep route is very special..It will warm those people up a bit.

Caught this boy climbing up the pole..

Someone was ready to do pumping..

Saw a runner with slow pace..

Down he went..

What's the dog doing here and what was the man doing?

Took a shot across the pool. I love the view..

Some youngsters were playing basketball..

Those ladies were dancing to the music..

What were those kids trying to do?

Elderly people chatting away under the shelter..

Reached my original starting point..


  1. Replies
    1. indeed..a very convenient place too..

  2. Replies
    1. yes, and the weather was good too..

  3. haha what time you were waken up?? must be a nice sleep till you think it's too late to go for a jog..

    1. it looks like a very nice place to go.. that's why you kept taking photos there.. so you were there to jog or to take photos?? hehe~~

    2. love the lush green in the park.. feel do serene.. especially over the the lake (or is it just a pond or a pool like you've said), really a nice view!!

    3. must feel so freshened up seeing the green view and after having a good sweat in the morning.. :)

    4. We haven't been there for quite some time so I thought I should take some pictures.

      It's a man made pond and the view are just great!

      Felt great and then went for breakfast..

  4. it's sure very nice place to go to for exercise in the morning

    1. yes only when the weather is not hot..

  5. Ipoh's recreational park is so big and then nearby to everywhere. Very unlike KL.

    1. this one is nearest to us as it's in First Gdn itself..

  6. The place is very clean too. Dont see any beggars hagning around there.

    Ipoh is certainly a good place to retired to

  7. Replies
    1. yes..we must exercise to stay healthy..

  8. really nice to have a green lung in the city. because, who knows, years down the road, it may be earmarked for a condominium project!!


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