Farewell Dinner for Annie

 5 scrumptious dishes

my girl, my mum, Annie and another Annie..

My friend Annie came back from UK as her mum was not well. She has been with her mum for almost two months and she's going back soon.

Last weekend when I was in KL, I told my friend that we had to have a farewell dinner for Annie. So I suggested to my friend in Taiping who was very helpful in arranging this dinner.

The dinner was confirmed at 5pm as I asked for it. I wouldn't like to drive late in the evening.

This afternoon, I started my journey at 2.40pm and I reached my mum's place at 3.25pm. Rested for a short while and we went to find the place for our dinner.

We went to buy some kuih for my girl before we went to the restaurant. Waited for a short while before all my six friends came. We had a scrumptious meal.

At 7pm, we left the place. Took my mum home and I started my journey back to Ipoh at 7.30pm. I should reach Ipoh at 8.20pm. But due to the the hectic jam, I reached home at 9.30pm!

Anyway, it has been a nice farewell for my dear friend, Annie. 


  1. Wenn, nice of you to arrange dinner for your friend and to drive all the way to Taiping to meet up... I cannot drive on the highway at night already.. my eyes are not sharp as before...

  2. It was a great meeting up with her again, I am sure.

  3. Nice gathering and guess you had a good time with Annie.

  4. So nice of you to suggest this farewell dinner for your friend, Annie. Is her mother better now since she feels comfortable enough with her mother's wellbeing to go back to UK?

  5. You are really brave to drive around.. So far somemore.. I'm reluctant to drive from Cheras to PJ.. Hate to confess here, hehe..

    1. Actually from Ipoh to Taiping very near only ;)

  6. Must be a nice gathering.
    I have 2 friends called Annie too, haha!

  7. Nice to have a dinner for your friend. Probably worth the traffic!

  8. Wenn is always so thoughtful and would not hesitate to treat everyone for meals on any occasion!

  9. sure it was great to meet up with Annie since she's in UK and doesn't come back often.. and hope Annie's mum is now fully recovered..

  10. Hi, very interesting post thanks for sharing. Can I contact your through your email. Thanks!

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  11. what a nice gathering with your friend. As it should be leh. Duno how long more baru can meet up

  12. Dinner looks great and nice gathering there.


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