Farewell to Leng

Leng has been with Chang Jiang since she started secondary school. She's a girl with initiative and humble too. The boss likes her very much and he even gave her extra bonus each year. She deserved it..

Well, yesterday was her last day with us as she will be starting her new job as an accountant soon. She has just finished her accountancy course.

I got her a cake which she definitely loved..

The boss was so generous in getting her a Mido automatic watch which is quite costly..

As for me, I got her a bottle of Mystique perfume from Melaleuca.

All the best to your future undertakings, Leng!


  1. Here's wishing Leng all the best! She is really a diligent girl to work and study at the same time. She is lucky too to meet generous bosses like you both.

  2. Leng looks like a kind cute girl.. Hardworking too.. All the best to her, no choice got to let her go.. But can always keep in touch and come back see you all+go makan-makan !!

  3. all the best to Leng!! and the bosses are so kind to give her an expensive watch and a bottle of perfume!!

    p/s: are you hiring, Wenn?? haha!! :p

  4. All the best to Leng!! Nice gifts from you and boss.

  5. Leng looks sweet! :) All the best to her.. Chang Jiang bosses are very nice too!

  6. All the best to Leng!
    You and the boss are quite generous la!


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