Who's going to be the Father's Day Contest winner?

Video posted on 7 June

 Video posted on 5 June
Today is the last day to enter the Father's day Contest at Chang Jiang. I wonder why it's so difficult for people to post videos of their fathers. Anyway, I received the first video on the 5 June. This boy is the eldest son of my rather regular customer. This family has been following my page and they have been very active too. Definitely, they had won many prizes too. 

I like his video as the father helped in training his son in learning up the big bike. Watch the video at Chang Jiang and do drop a comment if you like it. Thanks for your support.

The second video received was just yesterday night. He is the father of my three part-time workers. I have been telling them to post a video of their father but they failed to do so. Recently his father always helped us to close the shop. I always appreciated what he had done for us. He has been very helpful as we didn't have Lim to help anymore.

Yesterday, I gave an idea to the girls. I suggested that they video their father pushing in those stuff during closing time. But when the time came, they were so afraid to do that. Partly because of the boss and partly because their father might sense it. So they pushed the job to me. Well, I did it for them and I'm indeed glad that the video was uploaded. View it at Chang Jiang and do comment on it if you like it.

Who's going to be the winner might depend on you too...


  1. Happy Father's Day!! Good luck to all contestants.

  2. Good luck to the participants !

  3. Difficult task warrants great prizes ;-)

  4. good luck to all the participants.. those who posted a video sure are already winner in their father's heart!! :)

  5. Sounds interesting! Will hop over to Chang Jiang now...

  6. I am so far away from my dad.....impossible for me to join this contest.
    Anyway, gd luck to all participants.

  7. Will go and view and comment now.

  8. The contest is officially closed. The winner is the father of the first video as above.

  9. Oh dear, I am too late but congrats to the winner!

  10. Congratulations to the winner. Many people are shy to even leave comments in our blogs and prefer to be silent readers by sending me private emails instead. Some KL bloggers are aware that I have such silent readers from all over Malaysia who are very kind and generous people! I am sharing this because I can understand why many people would be shy and reluctant to upload videos too.

  11. Best of luck to those who are joining


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