Happy Birthday Trios

 I bought a cake to celebrate for three August birthday girls..

 Yan's birthday was on the 1st, Yee's actual birthday fell on the 20th and Har's birthday fell on the 14th..
Last time, I usually bought cakes for them but they were not distributed.
This time I made Yee cut the cake.
Then I continued with the distribution to our people.

Yesterday was the last day of work for Har. She was my cashier for exactly 6 years.
She has her own family affair that made her resigned.
The boss was kind enough to get her a new watch.
I got her a bottle of perfume earlier.

Happy retirement, Har!

So as from today, I got to get to work early. I haven't found a new cashier yet!


  1. I am also an August birthday girl too!! My birthday is tomorrow! :)

    Happy birthday to the girls. Lovely cake.

  2. Happy birthday to the trios. Wow so lucky retiring at such a young age.

  3. The cake looks so nice.. I like.. Happy birthday girls!

  4. So nice of you to celebrate their birthdays ! ;)

  5. Another staff resigned?

    Anyway, the cake looks good! And it is so coincident that all 3 staffs share the birthday in the same month ;)

  6. Hello Wenn, So nice of you and the boss to give the gifts to your ex cashier. All the staff must be happy to have a piece of cake to celebrate the Aug birthdays girls. Do take care since you have to be the cashier until you hire a new staff.

  7. Happy Birthday to the Trio Queen!! the cake surely looks very beautiful and delicious, and so nice of the taukeh and taukeh soh to bought Har a beautiful watch and perfume.. happy retirement to Har..

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  9. Happy Birthday to the three beauties.

    Aiyo...hope you manage to find new cashier soon

  10. The cake looks very nice, Wenn! I am sure the three of them were touched by your boss and your kindness... hope you will get a nice cashier soon!

  11. The cake looks nice and I guess it was a tiramisu! Yummy!
    I wish to have a good boss and his wife to be my employers!

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