Merdeka Day Challenge

My very first pose with a Jalur Gemilang
in June 2006

Merdeka Day is just at the end of this month and I had thought of a challenge for my customers/friends at ChangJiang facebook.

Participants are needed to get a Jalur Gemilang and pose creatively with it. Contest ends on the 24 August. I hope to see more creative poses rather than just holding it.

Anyone can take part and there is surely a gift for all participants. 

Welcome and have fun!


  1. Good luck to all participating! :)

  2. Wow! That was a nice picture.

    Happy Merdeka Day, everyone!

  3. All the best to all the participants!

  4. Aahh, another meaningful and fun activity.. I know sure you are gonna think of somethinh for Merdeka day one..

  5. Another contest from CJ!
    Good luck to all participants!

  6. It seems u hold a competition at every festive season. Good luck to the participants !

  7. Good luck to all participants and looking forward to see more and more coming in!! =]

  8. all the best and good luck to all the participants!! looking forward to see the creative photos~~

  9. More than two weeks to go! Happy Preparing!

  10. I am waiting to see the winners! Good luck to them.


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